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  1. FarhanSaleem

    Is Any One Married Girl?

    Nice Thread sharing.
  2. FarhanSaleem

    Your Current Mood?

    May is waqat buhat tension may hoon.
  3. FarhanSaleem

    *~*mr Jinah Vs Gandhi*~*

    Quaid-e-eAzam buhat baray Leader Thay, Sirf humay qadar nahi jis nay hum buhat acha pakistan azad kerwaiya.
  4. FarhanSaleem

    Hotels In Pakistan

    Thanks for islamabad Margala hotel .
  5. FarhanSaleem

    2041 Ka Pakistan...?

    Thanks for nice information sharee.
  6. FarhanSaleem

    Militants torch two Nato containers

    Thanks for nice information sharee. Bilkul theek kia han .
  7. FarhanSaleem

    Bail plea of Monis Elahi rejected

    Nice information sharee.

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