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  1. Hellooooo (echo) (echo)

    1. sho_shweet


      Hellooo .. ellooo.. llooo .. looo .. ooo .. oo .. o .. 😐

    2. Waqas


      kon hai? 

    3. sho_shweet
  2. Waqas

    Attendance Time

    Hello @imi.munib
  3. Happy 72nd Independence Day 🇵🇰

  4. Waqas

    Daily Random Shots

    Nice weather, its so hot here
  5. Eid Mubarak 🌙

  6. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Thank you Ujala
  7. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Plumeria Rubra
  8. Waqas

    Attendance Time

    Always present here
  9. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    This Zeenia flower always reminds me of @Zaini
  10. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Still have this rain lily and this is how i captured it:
  11. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Haven't posted here since years but gardening is still on my list so i'm sharing here again.

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