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  1. Eid Mubarak 🌙

  2. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Thank you Ujala
  3. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Plumeria Rubra
  4. Waqas

    Attendance Time

    Always present here
  5. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    This Zeenia flower always reminds me of @Zaini
  6. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Still have this rain lily and this is how i captured it:
  7. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Haven't posted here since years but gardening is still on my list so i'm sharing here again.
  8. Waqas

    Lahore Pictures

  9. Just thought to get your advice before putting any restriction on forum visitors. Below graph shows the high number of guests online at a time on CooLYar forums but less people actually login/signup. Should i restrict all guests to sign-in before viewing any topic? Thanks in advance.
  10. Waqas

    CooLYar Forums Revamp

    In another major upgrade today, following new features were added: New features for GDPR compliance because we respect your privacy. Read our privacy policy here Better Express yourself with all new Emojis (plus classic CooLYar emoticons are available too) New gallery interface for images in posts Now you can created Clubs, Clubs are areas created by members and can contain Forums, Calendars and Blogs. Club Owners can make their Clubs public or require members to join before they can see and participate in them. The look and feel is same but it will be changed soon. Thank you for reading, Waqas
  11. Ramadan Mubarak 

  12. Jab koi baat bigar jaye, jab koi mushkil par jayee ..... :music_c:

  13. Waqas

    Your Current Mood?

    Unsure about current mood, mix feelings right now.
  14. Waqas

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    Posting here more than 2 months and i still have same feelings

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