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  1. Happy 70th Independence Day

  2. CY Forums Completed 14 Years :)

    1. shy


      Mubarak ho:)

    2. shahabi
  3. Ramadan Mubarak

    1. shy


      Aap sab ko bhi Ramadan Mubarak....

    2. shahabi


      khair mubarik

  4. Waqas

    Coolboy Or Coolboy-Be

    Good to know
  5. Waqas

    Server Time

    Users can set their own timezone according to their location. Just visit user settings at http://www.coolyarforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp
  6. Do you Love CooLYar so much that you wish that you had flat roof you could stand on to scream it out across the city? or have we stressed you out enough to want to throw us off that same roof? Share us in Either way We do take all your comments on board when updating the site and policies
  7. Waqas

    Cy News

    Wonderful post sho_shweet, i keep checking forums frequently but its right some of sections are obsolete.
  8. Waqas

    *** What Did You Last Watch ***

    Masha and the Bear
  9. Waqas

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    Mehro now im sure nobody teach you manners ever. You better join some school again than creating a new ID here.
  10. Waqas

    Saba Herer

    Welcome to CY
  11. Waqas

    Contact Admin

    Please check your PM
  12. Waqas

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    Keep your suggestions to yourself as you are unaware that new registrations of this forum is closed since years. Still hundreds of people as guest visit here everyday.
  13. Waqas

    Mera Status Update Is Ban?

    Some People like you Remain SICK, i cannot suggest any treatment for you
  14. CooLYar Completed 14 Years, one of the oldest website of Pakistan

  15. Waqas

    Contact Admin

    You can contact me via Private Message or post your question/issue here.
  16. Waqas

    Lahore Pictures

    Liberty, Lahore Yesterday
  17. Waqas

    *** What Did You Last Watch ***

    Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation
  18. Eid Mubarak Everyone :)

    1. shy


      Khair mubarak:)

    2. daineee


      wa;alaikum Mubarak..

  19. Waqas

    Flowers Of My Garden

    Lovely Pink Roses btw thanks for digging up this topic
  20. Waqas

    Daily Random Shots

    Congrats sho_shweet
  21. Waqas

    Daily Random Shots

    View of Islamabad from Monal
  22. Ramadan Mubarak

    1. shy


      Aap sab ko bhi Ramadan mubarak:)


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