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  1. Waqas

    Coolyar Forums Updated

    Finally im here announcing 'only' major change on forum this year. Enjoy New Look and Feel and Dont forget to report issues if any. P.S. You can change Background from top right corner. Have Fun !!
  2. Waqas

    Coolyar Forums Updated

    You are more lazy than me
  3. Waqas

    Coolyar Forums Updated

    Another Update is overdue
  4. Waqas

    Daily Random Shots

    wow great view
  5. Happy New Year Everyone :)

    1. Canc3rian


      Same to u bro

    2. sho_shweet


      34999 ... bus 1 post ker daen puri 35000 ho jayen apki =))

    3. Waqas


      Just noticed the post count lol

  6. Waqas

    Attendance Time

    Present as always.
  7. Hello Everyone, Sharing rare pictures of Karachi taken by me during Jan '09 - Feb '09 Trip. Some of the pictures are taken from restricted areas Hope you will like it.
  8. We're not friends. We're strangers with memories.

  9. Happy November :)

  10. Waqas

    Your Current Mood?

    Great Mood !!
  11. Eid Mubarak everyone wherever its eid tomorrow :)

  12. Waqas

    Rare Photos of Karachi By Me

    Karachi Port at Night
  13. Happy Ramadan

  14. in Karachi :)

    1. sho_shweet


      mubarkaaan .. maleeha zinda hy?? /:)

  15. Waqas


    Nice reading for the current readers
  16. Waqas

    Your Current Mood?

    Fine as weather
  17. Happy Friday !!

  18. Waqas

    Your Favorite Car

    Hello Everyone, In this topic you have to share your favorite car , it should be available in Pakistan. also share why you like it.
  19. Waqas

    Lahore Pictures

    You should try Fort view hotel at end of food street, nice roof top and their staff is very much well mannered. Search list of awesome places whenever you visit Lahore
  20. Waqas

    For Rainbow ^_^

    Jab nazar awonga tabhi attack hoga na I guess you have seen someone else.
  21. Waqas

    Rare Photos of Karachi By Me

    Ghaffar Kabab House, Port Grand, Karachi
  22. Waqas

    Lahore Pictures

    Have you seen Fortress, MM Alam, Gulberg, Liberty, Fort Road, etc?

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