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  1. How To Walk In Heels

    Bas ji gharoor nae kia kabi
  2. ?/\how Was Ur Day/\?

  3. Weather

    Baarish n cold
  4. L!fe Iz B0R!ng W!th0Ut_ _ ?

    Without my ammi
  5. *** What Did You Last Watch ***

    Ghost hunters
  6. Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    Mein yahan hoon yahan hoon yahan Missing few good old friends
  7. Aap Is Waqt Kya Sooch Rahy Hain?

    Why ppl mk mistakes n thn dnt accept n appologise
  8. Cy News

    bn gae news
  9. Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    Chatpati biryani
  10. Offline Hone K Bad Kiya Karoo Gy?

    Yeah right I will be trying hard to go bk to sleep
  11. Takya Kalam

  12. How To Walk In Heels

    Lol .. tumhain tu waisay hi glasses lag gae hon gai tum na pehna high heels ... wud u blv i didnt even wear high heels on my wedding ... i like high heels on other people ... used to like them and wear them once upon a time not anymore
  13. Weather

    Cloudy n cold
  14. ?/\how Was Ur Day/\?

    Ok ok