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  1. Emira

    Islami Neya Saal Mubarak Ho

    Ap sab ko meri taraf sey a very happy Islamic New Year.
  2. Emira

    > try this

    Naughty child
  3. Emira

    > try this

    loyal man
  4. Emira

    > try this

    Leather coat
  5. Emira

    > try this

    Lady bag
  6. Emira

    > try this

    House garden
  7. Emira

    ~* Picture Game *~

    Yeh lein chandani ap ki tarah ka chand :D sorry laiba ap ki farmaish poori nahi kar sake :P Next one:a pic of Pakistani drama star Ahsaan Khan
  8. Emira


    Good sharing Ariba :)
  9. Emira

    Use Ur Brain

    We do have that topic in games so post ur riddle over there :) Is tara asaani hogi sab ke liye
  10. Emira

    ~~~~jioning Words~~~~~

  11. Emira

    > try this

    Installed virus yeah chandani it is
  12. Emira

    Can You Read This?

    Yeah I can read it and I do have read it before :P

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