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    Salaamz all<br>well my name is Nazish. and well my interests are to read, write stuff which includes poetry, basketball, music, talking on phone and making friends.
  1. Nazish

    Your Current Mood?

    CM = :( + + + :angry2:
  2. Nazish

    Baat Kuch Yeh Hai

    Hi salaamz Nice topic. I think hum sub kabhi na kabhi tou flirt kartay he hai. i admit that i do and i dont think there is anything wrong with it as long as the other person know kay aap kay aur us kay beach kuch nahi hai but just chit chatting and make some jokes and stuff like that. But kubhi kubhi aap key zindagi mein kuch aisay log a jatay hai jin ko aap bhula nahi patay ho and we call it love. And sometimes the other person loves you back also..if they do, thats great. and sometimes after you are in love...one person chala jata hai...wo ghalat bat hoti hai because you gave false hope to someone else. and it's not always the larka jo kay chala jata hai, larkiya bhi chali jati hai. Thats the only thing i dont understand. And it makes me wana question is love not forever? or why do ppl say i love you and give you false hope and leave you just like that knowing that its gona hurt you so much. Aisay log nahi honay chahiyay...
  3. Nazish

    App Ki Problems Ka Hal

    If your mind says something else...your heart says something else...and religion says something ese...what do you follow? Follow the mind and know that heart is not in it? Follow the heart and know that religion looks down upon it? Follow the religion and still know you dont really belive in it...i mean you want to follow your heart...isnt that a bit hypocrite...because you wont be believing in it? What do you do?
  4. Nazish

    26 Things That A Perfect Guy Would Do

    awww so cute :flower:
  5. Nazish

    What Do You Fear?

    [x] the dark [x] staying single forever [] being a parent [x] giving birth [] being myself in front of others [] open spaces [] closed spaces [] heights [] black cats [] frogs [] birds [] fish [] Ants [] driving [] flying [] flowers or other plants [] being touched [] fire [] dark water [] the ocean [] failure [] success [] thunder/lightning [] toads [] boy/girlfriends/(ex)boy/girlfriends dad [] my boy/girlfriends/(ex)boy/girlfriends mom [x] mice/rats [] jumping from high places [] snow [] rain [] wind [] cotton balls [] cemeteries [] clowns [] large crowds [] crossing bridges [x] death [] Heaven [] being robbed [] men [] women [] having great responsibility [] dentists [] tornadoes [] hurricanes [x] diseases [] snakes [] jellyfish [] sharks [] shots [] Friday the 13th [] poverty [] ghosts [] Halloween [] school [] trains or railroads [] odd numbers [] even numbers [x] being alone [x] being blind [x] being deaf [] growing up [x] monsters under my bed [x] creepy noises in the night [] bee stings [] not accomplishing my dreams/goals [] needles [] blood [x] someone you love or care about getting hurt []xlove
  6. Nazish

    If Ms Windowz Were In Punjabi !

  7. Nazish

    Why Girls Give Phone Nos...............

    Well you shouldnt give out your number right away..but kabhi kabhi aap bohat achay logo ko mil jatay ho and i dont think there is any harm exchanging phone numbers in that case :)
  8. Nazish

    Lets Celebrate Eid With Cy

    Eid Mubarak to all of you :)
  9. Nazish

    Aik Minute Ki Khamoshi?

    Ariba...you are so right. In the begining when earthquake came...ppl did a lot to help which is awsome...but what they dont realize is that everything isnt gona be the same right away...it's a time consuming and long process. I mean there are so many people jin ka abhi tuck ghar nahi hoga. Actually you know it might be an old news, but a while back Geo team went to the areas where the earthquake hit and they interveiwed several people and un mein say aik admi bhi tha, bohat old sa tha..and they asked the old man kay government said that they were giving them houses of some sort and stuff so how are things with him...and old man said that they got nothing yet, no money or nothing what so ever. Living under the tent in cold rainy weather just waiting...and waiting. It's like...the people who died are not remembered..and the people who survivied are forgotten. May ALLAH guide us all to the right path and have his mercy upon everyone. Ameen
  10. Nazish

    Ask Stupid Question And Get Stupid Answer

    A space ship came containing lots of aliens and they all were after one thing: CY members...so they took em all New Question: Why does the food gets hot when you put it in microwave for a long time?
  11. Nazish

    New Layout

    Hey i came to this place after like well forever...and its looking nice :) keep up the good work you guyz
  12. Nazish

    Your Current Mood?

    CM = wanna ride a scooty i mean
  13. Nazish

    First Gay 'marriage' In Pakistan

    Assalamu Alaikum it's an excellent topic and somewhat shocking news. gays are ILLEGAL in Islam and not only in Islam but i think almost in every religion that i know of. but still people become gay which is by choice therfore it is WRONG beacuase ALLAH made a natural attraction between a man and a woman. and stuff like that should not happen in Pakistan or in any other muslim country. and yeah in USA you see a lot of gay people and quiet few pro gay community. i even know of couple of people who are gay and yeah im frnds with them because in my eyes yes it is wrong but you are old enough to realize it. but anywayz i dunno how people can be Gay. i just see it as impossible.
  14. Nazish

    Tough Time 4 Pakistan

    Assalamu Alaikum this whole post was in urdu and i tried reading it and i understood most of it but not all but i know what you were saying. This crisis in Pakistan was horrific. So many people die. Why? you know sometimes you wonder why would ALLAH do this if HE loves us so much then why hurt the peopole that much? i mean do you ever wonder? Look at the world around us, the Hurricanes, Tsunami, earthquake, and that mud sliding. sooooooo many people dying. Seems like world is coming to an end. People who died ALLAH may rest their sould in Jannah, but now for us who are still here alive, wat are we doing to make ourselves better? .......................... you know i was watching the news the other day and they showed this little kid in hospital who got hurt in the earthquake. and his Dad was sitting rite by him too and he told the media crew that my son here loves to site nishaat/naats. so the little boy recited one for the tv. and MASHALLAH there was so much power in his voice. ..... Anywayz we should pray for the people who suffered and help the survivors. But also in the mean time we need to see why is all this happening? is this a sign from ALLAH? Assalamu Alaikum
  15. Nazish

    Are You Telented! Really?

    Assalamu Alaikum yeah i know im like really really late...the thing is i have not been to CY for the longest time and today i came to cy and i saw messages to write on this post. so im sorry that i could not because i did not come to CY so dont think i was rude or anything. and Congratz too everyone and people who did great job :) eventhough it's too late, but here is something from me anyways. Pakistan and what it means to ME: Born in Karachi and living there for 11 years i came to USA. Before coming here, i did not visit any of pakistan that much. 14 august was great because we had functions in school and we got to decorate things and scream real loud and just be cute and little. That was wat 14 august meant. December 1997, standing at karachi airport it was the last time i saw Pakistan. It wasnt a big deal leaving pakistan, hey i was only 11 and i was going with all my family so what do i care? Living in usa: i made friends, did great in school and just enjoyed life. yeah in the begining i kinda sorta missed pakistan but everyone is here so why do i care about Pakistan? Our neighbours wife just passed away recently and we didnt even know it. WOW is there anywhere in Pakistan that you dont know your neighbours or about any death or joy? Recently we got Geo/ARY: and this show *POLICE* was on and upon some car wrecks, before even the cops arrived, all the civilians were helping each other, the strong brother hood in the community. Oh and how could i forget RAmadan: Waking up early in the morning runing down to bakery because we ran out of bread or knocking on neighbours door because we ran out of oil lol and iftaar: taking iftaari to neighbours house and all sittting together. Here Azan 5 times a day, runing to masjid for Quran classes and later in the days waiting for Qari sahab. Going in the train from karachi to punjab, having the whole box and calling the CHAI WALA over to get chai. walking in the fields of punjab, chased by buffalos and falling in the mud and hating it that there were no bathrooms in punjab. then coming back to karachi and thinking of how much fun i had. ....................... i could write a billion words more but still could not tell wat Pakistan is to me. because its the homeland, a place of belonging and a way to identify myself that yes im a PAKISTANI

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