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    _PiSsin' Ppl Owf_
  1. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Write A Shair Daily

    _Pata Hai Muntazir Rehna Bohat Takleef Deta Hai_ _Bata Kar Hi Chalay Jaatay Agar Jaana Zaroori Tha_
  2. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Attendance Time

  3. JunGlee_MeaOw


    Or kiSi nay na parha hOo uskOo keh dO k yawr mene bhii naii parha tOw wOo aram say beth jata hy Or agr bOl dO merii tOw tyarii hy tO uskO dOuble parishanii hO jatii hy abe yawr tUmne kab parhaaa_
  4. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Write A Shair Daily

    Kya Sehar Ho Ga'i DiL ' E ' Be'Khuwaab_ Ek Dhu'aan Uth Raha Hai Bistar Se..!!
  5. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Attendance Time

  6. JunGlee_MeaOw


    ii Hate shOpping_ Or Mama k Sath shOpping pr jaNa tO ufff_ Mene na laSt tym pta naii kiia liia tha bhOol gaii hUn_
  7. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Game Of Emoticons

  8. JunGlee_MeaOw

    If Da Abv Person Comes In Ur Dreams...

    ChalOo bhy waitOo BiryaNii araii hy_
  9. JunGlee_MeaOw


    Maii tO eXam say pehlay tak muXIk sUn raii hOtii hUn lOgon kii bakVas sUnnay say aCha hy_ Sab ye pUch rhy hOtay hyn yawr tyarii kitnii hy aBe tUmhe kiia hy mErii jitnii bhii hO_
  10. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Your Current Mood?

    Merii Cat bEmaar hy yawr_
  11. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Ur Nick Name,,,

  12. JunGlee_MeaOw

    Ur Fav Game,,,,

    maii apkOo naii kUtt saktii shOwlee_
  13. JunGlee_MeaOw

    My Favourite ;)


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