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  1. vertosis_ather


    well we welcome u greemeadows... hopw u'll stay here with us....
  2. vertosis_ather

    *~*amazing Nice Ads*~*

    nice anabia brilliant ideas with lots of creativity/..
  3. vertosis_ather

    Ae Naye Sall Bata Tujmy Naya Kia Hy?

    awsome poetry
  4. vertosis_ather

    Why Do I Miss You?

    gud1 zartashia
  5. vertosis_ather

    Yeh Zara Zara Si Baat Per

    "Yeh zara zara si Baat per tarah tarah ka Azab kyun? Jo kisi se b Khafa na ho, Mujhe us Khuda ki Talash hai " kya baat hai yar mar dala zalim
  6. vertosis_ather

    Hum Woh Bedard Hain...

    nice one bro
  7. vertosis_ather

    کوئی موسم ت&#160

    v gud hoorain
  8. vertosis_ather

    *~*what's Your Birthmonth Says *~*

    mine is december
  9. vertosis_ather

    I Will Learn To ! ! !

    nice post zartashia
  10. vertosis_ather


    nice song
  11. vertosis_ather

    I Miss U

  12. vertosis_ather

    Congratz Zaini

    congrats buddy.....
  13. vertosis_ather

    Ajnabi Shehar

    my fav..... :) mehdi hasan sahab ne kya khoob nikhara tha isay
  14. vertosis_ather

    Tum Bin Jee Nahi Sakte

    nice poetry hoorain
  15. vertosis_ather

    I Miss U

    nice post

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