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  1. Aryaan

    Mohabbat Tor Sakti Hai!

    Good Ones Talaash & Emaad...
  2. Aryaan

    ~*~eid Ke Chaand~*~

    Thanks Chinky & Prliqbal...
  3. Aryaan

    Bersoo Ki Chahat

    Bohat khoob KHSA...
  4. Aryaan

    Amjad Islam Amjad

    Bohat Khoob Talaash...
  5. Aryaan

    ~*~eid Ke Chaand~*~

    Thanks Emaad & Talaash..
  6. Aryaan

    English Poetry

    I sit in the park where I dwell For this Girl I love so well She took my heart away from me Now she wants to set me free I see a Boy on her lap She says things to him she never said to me I ran home to cry on my bed Not a word to mother was said Father came home late that night He looked at me from left to right He saw me hanging from a rope He took his knife to cut me down And on my dress a note was found Dig my grave Dig it deep Dig my grave From head to feet And on the top place a dove And remember this, I Died for Love
  7. Aryaan

    English Poetry

    Good Ones Talaash, Rust & Hayya...
  8. Aryaan

    Bohat Yaad Ata Hai Ik Shakhs

    Good One Khushi...
  9. Aryaan

    Hafeez Jullundhary Poetry

    Bohat khoob Emaad..
  10. Aryaan

    Zaini's Collection

    Beautiful Collection Zaini...
  11. Aryaan

    ~*~*~ Dil Kuch Aur~*~*~*

    Bohat khoob Chinky...
  12. Aryaan

    Nahi Hota..

    Nice One Chinky...
  13. Aryaan

    Meri Pasand

    Bohat khoob Nice Friend...
  14. Aryaan

    Aaj Rutha Huwa Dost

    Good One Chinky...
  15. Aryaan

    ~*~ Tum Bin ~*~

    Thanks Chinky & Nice Friend...:)
  16. Aryaan

    Allah Say Dartay Nahi

    Bohat khoob Gambler...
  17. Aryaan

    **zindagi Mein Hai Dhoka **

    Very Nice Chinky...
  18. Aryaan


    Nice One Chinky...
  19. Aryaan

    Meri Pasand

    Bohat khoob Nice Friend...
  20. Aryaan

    ~*~ Ghayel ~*~

    Thanks Chinky...

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