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  1. Coolyar Tv Live

    If thay r science fiction then put them on to day ;)
  2. Coolyar Tv Live

    plz can u add some cartoon channels like disney cartoon network animax and more plz thanx coz i m done with news channels
  3. Question For Admin Of Coolyar

    ok thanx
  4. Question For Admin Of Coolyar

    ok thanx thats what i needed to know
  5. Question For Admin Of Coolyar

    what was he or she advertising coz dont know him or her i just got mail that i contact him or her
  6. Question For Admin Of Coolyar

    hello admins of cool yar i have received a mail from parson named botibaby and that parson is Banned can any of u tale me why is that parson Banned and did any one else got any mail from that parson ?
  7. Best Topic - Image Gallery Forum

    no u didnt understand i meant mine imege post
  8. Best Topic - Image Gallery Forum

    guys.......guys can i join with my post ? :)
  9. Online Games

    heay ppl where r u ? u dont like my post or u dont like to play ? hellooooooo
  10. Need Help From Cg Artest

    salam waqas bhai well i was thinking about a litel movie project i dont have any idea where to start it coz naver done my home work yat i think about some cartoon short movie and i need some pakistani friends in it not out siders btw i need modelers texturers animaters and some sketchers if u think this is not a right place ot post then i will make new post for this but i dont know where to post my new post
  11. My Work

    thanx for wellcoming me dear admin i hope and i wish i dont as u know what is happening
  12. Online Games

    hello there i dont know if this is the right place for this i need to know if there is any one playing online games then tale me btw am playing conquer online now a days and want u guys to come and play with me i miss pakistani players out here :( i hope addmin dont mind this btw am about to use this post for my conquer online players to discous the game i know am very old for all of this but i like it and cant help it wating for ur reply if any one need to join my guild and help me
  13. Need Help From Cg Artest

    hi there i agin ask for hellp is there any computer disiner in the forum that can help me in my work coz i was too bussy cince last time i post here
  14. My Work

    hello dear sisters and brothers after a long long time i mean realy long time am here agin coz of that fight in our country and mostly power shutdowns in my city but as i say ( BE NOT AFRAID OF GOING SOLWLY BE AFRAID ONLY OF STANDING STILL ) i guess u have miss me some time btw i meed some co workers if any one is free and working in 3ds max7 looking for ur reply
  15. Lets Post Our Pics

    dear Laraib am not that gora its the light in the studio and the pic is for my office id card