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  1. manifest

    Y We Love Coolyar Forum?

    Many reasons to love n like CY 1x10x100 reasons but matter is how to describe here. 1- The big reason atmospher 2- The Adminz Behavior 3- The Moderators behavior 4- The old buddies who knows everything but keeps silent 5- The least how to post 6- Learnt how to make friends 7- Learnt how to deal with different ppl 8- Learnt how to survive 9- Learnt how to bare 10- Learnt how to love others 11- Learnt how to respect others many many more reasons but the last dat is... I learn visit CY regularly but do not reply just kidding :P but most ppl do that.
  2. manifest


    Mein to regular hi hoon per forum per nahi aa pata kyun ke yehaan posts na hone ke barabar hoti hain... per aap ke invitation per ab aana shuro kia hai let see kab tak yeh safar jaari rahta hai... BAQI old to nazar hi nahi aate
  3. manifest

    Good Old Days

    hehehehe no where is my name in old guys but I still like the forum and chat because the people made it great site and spand more time over here so it is still nice one... Some memories we can't forget, the time we spand was great one I wish it could come back or the people still wants to come back but they are scared and/or have some bad experience that is why they won't to come back as well some are waiting for good coligues to join first The thing is that who takes the first step to post here and who dare to call them back so things are going on as they are and there is no one who can call them back Bugs if you could recall memory there are alot of more poeple who are more old and they still around but no one remember them that is why they comes here but do not reply or start any post. I request to everyone that plz forget everything and come back and do not hesitate or wait for any one else to join first. Remember me in prayer. << cooLboY >>
  4. manifest

    Where Is Everybody?

    I was somewhere in the hell although regular at CooLYaR Chat :D
  5. manifest

    Where Is Everybody?

    WHERe Is mY nAMe iN tHe LiSt??
  6. manifest

    Attendence Time

    Present :D
  7. manifest

    Attendence Time

    Here & Present
  8. manifest

    Mujh Say Khafa Ho Ke...!

    Haath chhootein bhi to rishte nahi chhorha karte Waqt ki shaakh se lamhein nahi torha kartte Jiski aawaaz mein silwat ho nigahoon mein shikan Aisi tasveer ke tukrhe nahi jorha karte Shahad jeene ka mila karta hai thorha thorha Jaane waloon ke liye dil nahi torha karte Lagke saahil se jo behta hai usse behne do Aise dariya ka kabhi rukh nahi morha karte
  9. manifest

    Attendence Time

  10. manifest

    A Question

    Thanks to pray for starting this topic for discussing on this issue. Ariba you are 100% right, we shouldn't celebrate it. It's prohebitated in Islam but If we think on it that why it is prohebitated than we will find many answers so before asking this question to others we should ask from ourself. Would anyone allow his/her family member to celebrate Valentines Day? Everyone knows the answers is "no" so if we don't allow anyone in our home to celebrate it than why should we celebrate Velentines Day.
  11. manifest

    Heart Touching

    Very nice emaad Thanks 4 sharing
  12. manifest

    Attendence Time

    Hazir Janab
  13. manifest

    Attendence Time

    Hazir janab
  14. manifest

    Mujh Say Khafa Ho Ke...!

    Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa Aa phir se mujhe chhor ke jane ke liye aa Pahle se maraasim na sahi phir bhi kabhi to Rasm-o-rahe duniya hi nibhane ke liye aa Kis kis ko batayeinge judaai ka sabab hum Tu mujh se khafa hai to zamane ke liye aa Kuch to mere pindaar-e-muhabbat ka bharam rakh Tu bhi to kabhi mujh ko manane ke liye aa eE umer se hoon lazat-e-giriya se bhi mahroom Ae rahat-e-jaan mujh ko rulane ke liye aa Ab tak dil-e-khushfaham ko tujh se hein umeedein Yeh aakhri shamen bhi bujhane ke liye aa Mana ke mohabbat ka chhopana hai muhabbat Chupke se kisi roz jatane ke liye aa
  15. manifest

    Guess.....below U

    wrong It's Maaani :D Next Deep sis.

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