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  1. sobe

    Commitment With Others

    u right baat boht asan aur sada theee.. one should fulful their commitement.. its simple as tht .. aur jo nahi poora karta woh ghalta hy.. offcourse we r ignoring all the possible circumstances here tht could have lead to not fulfiling tht commitement .. kionky halat ko consider karke baat diff hojati hay par kisi bhi comitement me aik party ka dosri party pe complete control ho aesa boht kam hota hy.. ya to app America aur Afghanistan ki comitement ki baat karo aur aik party ka dominating role ho to samjh bhi ata hy.. aur yeh aik specific scenrio ban gaya in general word aam tor pe aesa nahi hota.. at the least jahan tuk menay dekha hay :)
  2. sobe

    Commitment With Others

    app commitement ko aik specific scnerio se bataogi to me kesy judge kar sakta hoon ke woh kiya hy .. menay to boht broad andaz me reply kiya tha kisi aik scenrio ko nazar me rakh ke thori.. yani aik general baat karte huay reply kiya ... aur menay aesa kiya kehdiya jis se dominating behaviour nazar ata hy.. i mean agar aik banday nay rigths fulfil karnay hain to is me kiya ghlat hy.. the reason why i said is kionky commitement pay app koi solid haq nahi jata sakty apna.. for example aik banda verbally commit karta hy tht he is gonna buy the car from me.. to me us ko boundnahi kar sakta he must buy untill it become offical through paper work .. correct.. kionky ab app ne aik cheez offcialy kar di ab woh bound hay .. jesay menay yeh examply di is tarah maybe app koi specific scenerio se judge kar rahi ho to mujy to nahi maloom na ke app kis scenrio se baat kar rahi ho.. i dnt knw the cicumstances of it .. dosri baat app ne kaha ke haququl ibaad ki baat ki hay woh apnay munshok log tuk hi kion?? thts not true.. jiska jo haq banta hy woh haq hy.. bashartia woh jaiz haq ho to woh haq hy .. is me koi khasosi log nahi ...yeh sab logon ka jo haq hy woh hay.. is me koi compliacted baat nahi hy.. again app jo baat kar rahi ho.. i cnt judge between those two party cuz i dnt knw unkay darmyan kiya commitement hay aur kiya reasoning hain etc etc.. aur app ne kaha ke commitement me dosra fard bhi hota hy to obviosuly its between two parties .. ab yahan sawal yeh utha hay ke jo commitement hui hy kiay woh offcial commitement hy jiskay wajah se dono parties ke aik dosray pe haq ajata hain.. agar aesi baat hy to phir baat commitement nahi.. haqooq tuk chli jati hy aur yahan pe koi grey area nahi rehjata .. its simple either u r fulfiling the right or u r not .. u see verbal commitement se aam tor pe koi bound nahi hota.. so i dnt knw kis kisam ki commitemnt pe app baat kar rahi ho.. haan agar verbal commitent me dono parties kisi special circumstances ki wajah se bound hojatay hain.. then this becomes a bit more complex issue.. and tht specific scenerio have to be judge differntly.. but general sense of commitent is pretty straighforward.. koi app ko aik commitemnet ya compromise me control nahi kar sakta jab tuk app usay control do yani bound karo.. aur zahir hy jab app kisi ko control dety ho to kuch control apkay pass bhi hota hy aesa to nahi hota ke app totaly bound ho aur dosra banda bound hi nahi.. again m srry agar app ko mera view is topic pe offensive and one sided laga but i only said wht i have seen and understand to the best of my knowledge and fairness agar app koi specifc scenerio se present karti ho... then i can presnt my view exclusively on tht
  3. sobe

    Commitment With Others

    intresitng.. well how each indivaidual fulfil their commitement is differnt and it varies frm person to person.. so there can never be one ans.. also i would like to add one more thing . their is commitment .. their is compromise and i beleive tht their are rights ... to agar is hisab se dekha jaye to rights ki value sab se ziayda hui.. i mean it simplifies in tht manner.. cuz jiska jo haq hay woh mangy bhi to us me koi ghalat nahi hy.. ab agay usko right ko manipulate karek commitement banayo ya compromise .. rights to right hoty hain they wont change.. agar commitement ko specfic scnerio me judge karna ho possible nahi hoga untill we knw the complete story from both side.. so basically in my opinion rights . or should i say haququl ibaad ki value sab se ziayda hy .. ab is ko each indivadual me nahi breakdown karoonga.. i beleive everyone knws wht they r .. so baciallyy wht m saying is on personal level.. i wouuld fulfil the rights rathern then commitement .. cuz their is no injustice in tht.. as long as we dnt alter the spefic rights to each individuals personal benefit
  4. sobe


    good sarcasm
  5. sobe


    lol ok :D..thts strange.. i mean app kabhi kisi se nahi mili jiski eyes black hon aur uski personlity dosri black eyes walay se diff hon.. ??
  6. sobe


    hahah ok .. wesy me pooch sakta hoon ke app ne kis base pe yeh conclusion nikala ke saray black eyes log aik jesay hoty hain.. i mean unki personality :D
  7. sobe


    app meri baat ka matlab ghalat samjh gayi ho... ill make it even more specific for u.. mery nazdeek brown eyes and dark brown eyes and black eyes me koi farak nahi .. imean i thinks its pretty much same color.. mera kehna ka maqsad yeh the ill make it very specific.. ke even black eyes log jo hoty hian unki sabki personlaity kiya aik jesi hoti hy ??
  8. sobe


    lol never mind.. personality ya culture eyes se to thori banty hain hahah.. pehli dafa suna hy :P.. anyway u girls continue this lol.. mujy mera ans milgaya :D
  9. sobe


    so let me get this straight everyone with color eyes are bewafa :D.. ok... kalko inshAllah tumahray bachay hongy.. if one of them happen to be colored eyes.. he/she is alreadry bewafa haina :D.. amazing.. i see whts wrong wid this our world.. we judge ppl before they r even born :D. m not blaming u .. m blaming our parents and ancestor who came up this ridiculos theory ..
  10. sobe


    idnt u didnt understand wht i say lol.. everybody cries smile etc etc regardless of eye color.. wht m asking is how does one eye specific color define their personality ?? u could have any colro eyes and ur personality could be totaly opposite to whts written abovve ..
  11. sobe


    u can find diff color eyes ppl in pak too.. they live wid their families .. yeh humara culture hay .. personlaity nahi :) west has diff culture.. yahan pe brown eyes bhi apni family ke sath nahi rehty ..
  12. sobe


    i didnt say something about science thts against religion so i dnt see any reason not to belive in it.. i mean when we technically go to the dr we r beliveing in science .. right?? maybe color did play a big role.. but i dnt think it does anymore.. its not the same world as it is use to be at our parents time .. its much more complex and or maybe very simply in sense tht materlaistic things have more value.. regardless of personality or nature..
  13. sobe


    i also wanna to say there is no such things a black eye color.. its basically very dark.brown.. by the its not me who is saying it.. its science :)
  14. sobe


    lol m not talking about stranger me to apnay hi ghar walon yani family mmbr ki baat kar raha hoon and all of them has brown/dark brwon/black eyes.. like the majority of the ppl since brown is a dominnat gene.. khair mera point yeh hy.. ke eyes color ghar me sab ki same.. lakin sab ki adatain sab ki personality me to farak hota hy.. minimum 25% se lekar would se 75- 80% tuk to hota hay.. kiya saray brown eyes walay aik jesay hoty hain ?? kiya app ke gahr me sab ki aik jesi personality hay ?? me color me ki baat kar raha hoon how their eye looks like ki nahi.. cuz emotions and feelings ka affect poori body pe hota hy to its natural for it show on eyes as well..
  15. sobe


    lol me eyes ki nahi eye color ki baat kar raha tha ke eye color personality se kiya lena dena.. yes offocurse tell u a lot.. shayed mera qc clear enough nahi tha.. mera kehna yeh tha ke koi itnay speciic description kesay de sakta hy har eye color ki .. ke falanay color ka person is tarah hoga etc etc.. unless they did research on it and they came up with it.. kionky world mjority ppl ki eyes... black / brown/ dark brown hoti hay.. but personlaities me zameen asman ka farak hota hy.. to kisi ki eyes ka uskay color se to koi lena dena na hua na ??

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