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  1. Happy Birthday to you :)

  2. Khoyee ho tum kahan? :angry:

  3. heylo kahan gayab hay ?

  4. Nice Friend

    Guess.....below U

    No its me nxt chinky
  5. Nice Friend

    > try this

  6. Nice Friend


  7. Nice Friend

    Congrats Waqas On Ur Wedding

    Happy Wedding waqas! Boht boht mubarak ho apko n bhabi ko May ur all dreams and wishes about ur new life come true My best wishes are with u take care
  8. Nice Friend

    Attendence Time

    Assalam-o-alikum friends how are u all Happy Friday
  9. hey nicee yar where r u?

  10. Nice Friend

    Attendence Time

    Assalam-o-alikum Present
  11. Nice Friend


    WOW ramoo U did a greattttt job, i can't believe 7000 posts....ufff..Congrats Kukar
  12. Nice Friend

    Your Current Mood?

  13. Nice Friend

    Coolyar New Look

    Salamz everyone, hope u are fine n enjoying good health,,I get online after a short or u can say a long break,,,I am happy to see the new look of Coolyar...Waqas good effort!
  14. Nice Friend

    Attendence Time

    Assalam-o-alikum Friends,,,,howa re u all, Happy Ramzan To all of U
  15. hey nice friend h r u miss u w r u now a days or shadi card nahi pohancha abhi tuk


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