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  1. brown_eyes

    Why Freinds Tell A Lie?

    Kurios Jee, First of all thanks to writing in detail by the way may I ask you that why you have wrote my points I meant to say this is what I thinks too, well I don't know who are you but and who are the people which hurted you too but here I wanna tell you my thoughts and reason to use the net. Mene chat sirf iss liye shuro ki thi kay meri English improve ho jaye aur Alhamdulillah I'm very good in english but at first day i made a friend on net even in a couple of weeks i made more then 50 friends on the net but I left all them because of a reason which i have mentioned many times so don't want to mention here although they all were non-muslim (from different countries). Jab mene sab friends ko chaor to mujhe laga kay mein agaila parh gaya hoon issi liye mene coolyar chat join kia (in 2003) aur uss din say aaj din tak pata nahi kitnay log millay aur bighrhay (jaisa kay aap nay kaha kay her koi apnay kaam mein busy hota hai) issi liye kayee baar logoon say issi baat per nahi banti kay her koi apnay kaam mein ya to parhaee mein busy hota hai aur mene her baar socha chalain koi baat nahi aur kafi saaray logoon nay jhoot bhi bola aisa ho gaya waisa ho gaya... Jab insaan ko kisi ki zaroorat hoti hai to zaroori nahi kay ussi dost say baat ki jaye balkay koi bhi dost uss ko achi company day sakta hai hum net per kisi say mangtay hi kia hain bas thora sa time na aur jab logoon kay paas time hi nahi to un ko yeh kahnay ka haq bhi nahi kay wo dost hain... Insaan ko her waqt to dostoon ki zaroorat nahi hoti per jab insaan kisi pareshani mein ho to us ko tasli deni chahiye na kay uss say baat cheet hi katam kar dain aur uss ko mazeed takleef ho... bas mere saath bhi kuch aisa hi howa hai jis ki waja say ab mein kisi per bhi aitbaar nahi kar sakta chahay wo koi NEW ho ya Old member ho bas yeh zaroor hai kay agar koi baat karta hai baat zaroor karta hoon aur agar koi baat hi na karey to uss ko distrun nahi karta chahe koi bhi ho... bas aik do roz pahlay aik do logoon say baat karne ki koshish ki thi aur woh bhi issi liye un ko kuch bata sakoon... lakin phir wohi kay logoon kay paas time hi kahaan kay kisi ki baat sunain... To mera point of view yeh tha kay hum kisi per kitna trust kar saktay hain ya humhein koi kitni takleef day sakta hai, jab takleef bohat ziada parh jati hai to insaan ko koi na koi faisla karna parta hai.
  2. brown_eyes

    Why Freinds Tell A Lie?

    you are absolutely right but its not answer of my question because I was asking about the person who hurt you but after a few days you forget all things and talk to him/her again but he/she hurt you again. If you trust someone again and again that meant it's your nature to trust people although they have hurted you many times so I wanna to know about the person who hurt you?
  3. brown_eyes

    Why Freinds Tell A Lie?

    I'm going to ask you onething more... If someone hurts you but after a few days/weeks you forget all things and try to trust again but he/she hurt you again?
  4. brown_eyes

    Why Freinds Tell A Lie?

    what about the person whom you know since 1/2 years although he/she says he/she is your friend?
  5. brown_eyes

    Attendence Time

    P R E S E N T
  6. brown_eyes

    Lets Learn Another Language!

    Good work by cute_ooky and good effort by charmer well it's totally in english and pashto so i'm not good in both languages so i can't take part in this topic. I'm keen interest to learn english only. :D well beside of joke if someone want to learn sindhi than just let me know i'm always here to teach/help to all interested. cooLboY
  7. brown_eyes

    Socha Nahin Acha Bura

    charmer> might be you don't know about me... so here is cooLboY-be too by old nick but you showing tooth wanna you proof you had brush today :P newayz that sounds good you didn't said thanx to me :)
  8. brown_eyes

    New Coolyar Chat Room Lauched

    Asim bhai I had seen a problem at chat site when we both were there last time so have you fix it yet? if not than just fix it immediately before problems increases. anyways... well done and good work :) congratulations cooLboY
  9. brown_eyes

    Why Freinds Tell A Lie?

    Choudhry> No buddy i just like brown eyes :ph34r:
  10. brown_eyes

    Chat Room

    Salamz! You both are quite right Ali Bhai said, why all are being bunished because of one or two users while he knows we are alike family members and we have good attitude with eachother so why we are being punished? Asim Bhai is quite right too because he guessed the password and there is no solution for guessing a password, if he could be a hacker than we have many solutions to stop any hacker. I think Asim did well to close chat room but I suggust it would be temporary because we all have good friends @ chat site so Adminz should realize this too. hope to hear good news from Asim Zeeshan & Waqas Kamran. Best wishes for both of them! :flower: :flower: Allah Hafiz cooLboY
  11. brown_eyes

    Koye Mujh Say Her Ek Pal Poochta Hay

    sonooO>>> very nice :music: Muhammad Ali> Kaash thori si daad hamein bhi mili hoti ashq na roktay per dil ko to tasli to hoti Muhammad Ali>>
  12. brown_eyes

    Dua Nahi To Gila Deta Koi!

    Jab phel jaye her so wahaan turq tahliq ki Dil Dhoondta phirta hay daua turq tahliq ki Kamla deti hay wafaoon ke, chahtoon kay sabhi ganchay Bahot bedard si hoti hay hawa turq tahliq ki Ukhri baatein, talikh lahja, her nigah mein aik shiqwa Rafta rafta ban jati hein waja turq tahliq ki Gar ho sakay to jano wiraan havelitoon ke raaz Bin karti hay wahaan per sada turq tahliq ki Apnay shaq-o-berukhi ko had say na tum barha dena Masbada hum karnay lagain dua turq tahliq ki Kitnay be-dad hotay hain wo log “rida†Aadatan jo kartay hain khata turiq tahliq ki ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cooLboY
  13. brown_eyes

    Coolyar Chat Closed....

    for all members:- some people keeps short password which one is very easy to guess but the standard password should be atleast of 8 charecters, it must consist a symbol and a few numerical(s) too which is not easy to guess! You may get more informatation in this regards... best wishes cooLboY
  14. brown_eyes


    Muhammed Ali>>> :o Mene kia, kia hay ab shair hi to likhay hain naaaaa waisay aap ro kyun rahay hain Mein bahaar hoon lout aaonga Mein phol hoon akhir murja jaonga Mein insaan hoon akhir mar jaonga cooLboY
  15. brown_eyes

    Coolyar Chat Closed....

    :( Yesterday I was in CooLYar Chat room too while someone was using CodeNameW nick and one of female's nick too, firstly I thought they are Waqas Bhai and the female whom we chat but they started such a rough language than I sat quiet because I was unable to do something and was busy with the nick of UDAS, SSSSSHHHH, WWW_COM I noticed CodeNameW was trying to investigate so I didn't disclose anything about any user and tried to protect our site, He (CodeNameW) said he have not changed the password of Admin.... I just informed to some of existing users by private message(s) and by my MSN contact list too but there was no one online from the Adminz while CodeNameW was said he is waiting for Adminz.... at last I went out and today morning tried to go @ chat room but site was closed, I shocked out but I think it is right decission.. We all knows we have good friend in chat room but I think I was the last choice for the Adminz to close the chat site... might be Adminz open this chat site in future and we can able to talk eachother once again... mean while have a good stay in community only. :flower: lots of luv... cooLboY

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