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    i like smiling , n watch ppl smiling :D

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  1. mansoor

    Shair Ka Jawab Shair Say

  2. mansoor

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    Missing my self
  3. mansoor

    Your Current Mood?

    very bad
  4. mansoor

    Commitment With Others

    Rukh you are right i didn't had your topic in mind while replying to it ..
  5. mansoor

    Commitment With Others

    Rukh you are right !
  6. mansoor

    Your Current Mood?

    Still udas
  7. mansoor

    Your Current Mood?

  8. mansoor

    Moment Of The Day?

    when i saw a halal resturant near my hotel
  9. 10 hrs ki flights k bad soya bhee nahi jaa raha :) arrived in vienna

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    2. mansoor


      but good thing is i managed to find a halal restaurant near my hotel

    3. sabah


      shukrane k nafal ada kiye pher

    4. Kiran


      u r still there mansoor? any update of rukh n others?

  10. mansoor

    Your Current Mood?

    much better :)
  11. mansoor

    Shair Ka Jawab Shair Say

    Bass k duswar hai har kam ka asaan hoona Admi ko bhee moyasar nahi insan hoona
  12. mansoor

    Shair Ka Jawab Shair Say

    baithk saya gul main Nasir hum bhut royee jab woo yad aya
  13. mansoor

    Shair Ka Jawab Shair Say

    Bichraa woo iss add say k rutt hee badal gayee ik shakas saryee shar koo verann kar gia

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