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  1. Hi

    Shabo Me ibrahim ( Raanjha )

    How are you

    Finaly I catch u here :)

    Cell 0305 2662139

  2. Shabo

    Byezz :(

    I apologise if my comments, inadvertently, caused offence.
  3. Shabo

    Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever!

    Nice poem fast.. Goodbye duznt just mean forever it means forever n ever :) Sx
  4. Shabo

    Byezz :(

    The "confused kid" strikes back!! U still havnt told me HOW I have abused my mod powers... I dint come outta nowhere to join this "argument".. u started this post.. ALL the world n its brother n sister is allowed to reply here so I am no exclusion! U hav lots of stuff on me... heyy ur the one who dragged previous matters into this.. I hav no personal vendetta against u n if Mansoor took the option to fwd u my mails without me knowing then let it be known I also had an "independent adjudicator" as witness. "I know where Allah is gonna start"?? oh so U can be the only one to know what Allah will n will not do.... on the day of judgment all will be revealed till then adious! Sx
  5. Shabo

    Ek Faryaad/request

    Abhi kuch nahi hua hai.. honay wala hai - keep ur eyes peeled Sx
  6. Shabo

    New Awards Ceremony Of Coolyar :)

    Hi HamZaad ACHAY post karne waley members ka notice lena chahiay... they r the REAL stars that make this forum shine Ur doing well Sx
  7. Shabo

    Byezz :(

    When Allah punishes he will begin with u.. for calling a decent person a B*****D... it was his decency which stopped him from ripping u to shreds in public, as u did to him. As far as complaining to admin about me goes... errrrr on what grounds?? Sx
  8. Shabo

    New Awards Ceremony Of Coolyar :)

    aur pareshaniyan to khud ba khhud create ho jati hain so I try to look on the bright side :) Sx
  9. Shabo

    Byezz :(

    For your information...This is the topic under discussion cute_ooky Posted: Feb 21 2004, 03:25 PM Pro-Active Member Group: 5 Hearts Members Posts: 1235 Member No.: 598 Joined: 24-February 03 Awards: None Yup just read my topic in I m leaving!!!!! Congrats Umair... ur free b*****d!!! OK Waqas if swearing to sum1 in public is allowed then she is right.... As for answering her.. I wont waste my time! Fati> Well how come this went un-noticed???????????? Umair u tried ur best to resolve this issue.... but it seems the good old saying "its not what u know but who u know" that WON again!! Never mind... :) Sx
  10. Shabo

    Best Signature

    NO definitely not.. I said it's VERY good :) Sx
  11. Shabo

    Ek Faryaad/request

    Nice thinking behind ur post Sanum.. but in reality things r totally different!! Sx
  12. Shabo

    Cool Boy Kay Walid Kay Liya Dua-e-mafirat

    May Allah bestow his blessings on the deceased and allow him a place in Jannat al firdous (ameen)... for he has gone before us and we are undoubtedly going to follow suit and meet our creator some day soon.... Rasheed bhai my deepest sympathies r with u n ur family at this tragic time... u are in my prayers and I pray that Allah gives u all the courage to accept this sad phase of ur lives... ameen Sx
  13. Shabo

    Bay Par Ki.............

    Umair aap itne daiyaalu kyun hain??? Sx
  14. Shabo

    New Awards Ceremony Of Coolyar :)

    HamZaad ur attendance is NOTICEABLE Umair.... yoo hoooo kahaan ho??? Lagta hai next function k liay abhi sey naiey outfit ka order place kar dena chahiay mujhey Sx
  15. Shabo

    Best Signature

    ab aiee na baat samajh mein ;) Sx

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