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  1. Perfectionist

    Where Is Everybody?

    Salamz .. Nina here .. where in the world is everybody???? Nadan Mansoor Kiran Rukh Fati Waqas bunker Asim Mein Hoon Na a1b2c3 and many others .. :s kahan ho sab? missh u guys ... <_<
  2. Perfectionist

    Work Placement In Pakistan

    Gooday! :) I'm looking work placement in Pakistan. I've applyed in different companies but you know .. if you don't have any reference you can't get job easily .. Please help .. What can i do to get work placement for few months in Pakistan .. or might lead to permanat job. Thanks in advance
  3. Perfectionist

    Your Current Mood?

    I'm quite tired
  4. Perfectionist

    Where Is Everybody?

    awwwwwwwww good to see lots of members replying and coming back! ahhh yar mera perfectionist wala account nai access ho raha me se .. aur email address bhi mera purana hai .. tau plz help waqas .. lagta hai pm tum per asar nai kerte.. aur tum regular ate ho ya nai WAQAS .. tum bunker hi raho gae :P
  5. Perfectionist

    Nina Is Back

    Salam Yup, i'm back on Cy forums ... hope u guys still remember me took kafi long to come bk .. but what da hell ... what all matterz is dat im bk I cudnt able to log in from ma old account and neither i remember the e-mail address which was registered with that username ... cuz i changed it ... newayz.. Good to be back
  6. Perfectionist

    Hair Styles

    I love da first one
  7. Perfectionist

    Share Ur Beauty Problem

    pimplessssssssssss i hate pimples .. its a huge problem for me ... if i eat eggs i get pimples ...even if it's warm ... :s helpppppppppp
  8. Perfectionist

    Daily Diary

    It was bizzi ...i got up very late .. wasnt in a mood to prepare food .. ordered pizza ... I booked flight for china and pakistan ... happy abt that ... ermmm talked to ma mom ... and registered on cy :P
  9. Perfectionist

    Attendence Time

    I'm rite here
  10. Perfectionist

    Your Current Mood?

    Mood is good ... it's good to be back on CY

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