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  1. Eid Mubarak.

  2. Maano

    heyyyyy ramz :) main yaad hon??? im bak...:)

  3. Happy Birthday to you.

  4. Eid Mubarak come back ramz :)

  5. Very Bad !!!! u shud be bk here

  6. Ramz COME BACK YAR!!!! We are waiting...

  7. lol laraib...bachy ko haq ki baat kehny pe kch to milna he tha =D

  8. Ramz

    Attendence Time

    walaikumsalam Asalam o Allikum here
  9. Ramz

    +-_-_-Profile Builder-_-_-+

    lol ghanimat jaany jo b aagya h . pata lagy is sy b haath dhoona prh jay =D
  10. Ramz

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    cONGRATX EvErY oNE AND jAZAKALLAH Js js ny mjhy Votes kiye =)
  11. Ramz

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    Alhamdulilalh kOoOl
  12. Ramz

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    mai scoha mai b thora aAdmin typ banu kam kam aaou =p yup jazakAllah br0... :flower4u:
  13. Ramz

    Attendence Time

    walaikusmalam Asalam o Allikum here

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