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  1. Ramz

    What Colour R You Feeling ?

    blue:Clam, kool Green:Natural, down to earth Turquoise:Sweet, feminine Silver:Playful Red:action, confidence,courage,vitality, love Pink:Peaceful, truthful, spirituality Yellow:Happy, joy Gold:Cheerful, hyper Orange:Strong, powerful Purple:Mysterious, Royal Lavender:Graceful, elegant Black:Loney,feeling dead, angry Grey:Neutral, sorrow Brown: ODD Beige:Bored, confused, Ivory:U have lost ur mind, crazy White: Clean, innocen
  2. Asalam o Allikum tell us which Naat u r Listening Ryt N0w
  3. Ramz

    Sabzi Mandiiii........

    SABZI MANDIIII........ is topic mei aise samjho jaise sare sabzi mandi mei ho aur 1 dosre ko sabzion aur fruits k nam se bulaoo...sooo shoot out ppl
  4. Ramz

    Throw Something Yaroooooooooo!

    >>>>>>throw somthing<<<<<< >>>>>>throw somthing<<<<<< >>>>>>throw somthing<<<<<< well, u hav 2 tell whtevr u wud lyk 2 throw on da person abov u.........lyk... >thanda paani >ubalta paani >flower >lizardz >cockroaches >chocolatez >tomatoes >rotten eggs >> any thing else u want @ nxt person - wht wud u lyk 2 throw on me!?!
  5. Ramz

    Aaj Khany Mai Kya Khaya ?

    Asalam o Allikum chALao sub BAtao Aaj break Fast , LuncH & Dinner mAi kyA khAya ?
  6. Asalam o Allikum EverY One ds is Vry simple gAme .. Jst write wat u wanna wriTe On abOve Persons.. T-shirT ....... / HaND.....
  7. Asalam o Allikum iF Da aBv pErsOn cOmes In uR drEam tuuuu ull scream or u wanna keep on dreaming or wateve NjoY letz startzz....
  8. Ramz

    Aj Kiss Baat Sy Sad Huy

    Asalam o Allikum just tell us aaj kiss baat ne apko hurt kia ya kiss baat sy sad huy
  9. It will b fun wat wud u do if de person abov u suddenly cums to ur home ?????? 1.slap him/her 2.kiss him/her 3.kick him/her 4.enquire abt him/her 5.welcome him/her 6.smile him/her 7.close the door 8.ask wat he/she wants ?? 9. ask dem to cum latr .. 10 or some thing else
  10. Ramz

    Karachi Pics

    AGA KHan HospItAl number 1 hospital in KaracHi
  11. Asalam o Allikum yeh topik pehly b bana hua hay But mujhe mill nih raha tha so maine again bana dia... topik is so simple just apny mood k hisaab sy song yahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cheekh cheekh , k aaram syy roo roo k , haas haas k sing kryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  12. lol laraib...bachy ko haq ki baat kehny pe kch to milna he tha =D

  13. Ramz

    Attendence Time

    walaikumsalam Asalam o Allikum here
  14. Ramz

    +-_-_-Profile Builder-_-_-+

    lol ghanimat jaany jo b aagya h . pata lagy is sy b haath dhoona prh jay =D
  15. Ramz

    +-_-_-Profile Builder-_-_-+

    cONGRATX EvErY oNE AND jAZAKALLAH Js js ny mjhy Votes kiye =)
  16. Ramz

    Your Current Mood?

    Alhamdulilalh kOoOl
  17. Ramz

    Missing Someone At Da Moment.?,

    mai scoha mai b thora aAdmin typ banu kam kam aaou =p yup jazakAllah br0... :flower4u:

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