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  1. Tempt@tion.K!ll$.

  2. chinky

    Image Uploader!

  3. chinky

    Eye Makeup

  4. chinky

    Kis Naam Se Pukarun?

    jadogarni ...:P
  5. chinky

    Rename The Person Above U

  6. AMAYA..SIS awsome ..Missing you... come back
  7. chinky

    Handling Rishtas

    -How do you handle with proposals? Well its all depend on You and urs family 1st.. you ve to kw abt your parents opinion..wht they wants.. than if u like someone..and you want to marry wid him/her discuses it ..wid ur parents. -If you got too many rishtas coming or been visiting , hmm..wel ve know idea..but u kw aj kal mostly log status ko dekhty hain. .even our parents want kay achay khandan ma rishta hoo..khap na hoo...Family ma honi chahay all tht...etc how do you handle with it?how do you reject? Wel..if u ve already one whom u like and planed to live wid him/her ..no handling and rejections.... u ve to convince ur parents.simple!
  8. chinky


    Superb...Shy..Nice Collection
  9. chinky

    > try this


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