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  1. cute_ooky

    Messages (miss U)

    I dun miss anyone.. jo ache dost hote hain they always keepin contact with u no matter where u r or no matter how busy u r.. sum ppl cleaved themselves off .. and those who did are certainly not worth missing.. :) excuse my honesty... adios.. aimzz
  2. cute_ooky

    Aaj Rootha Huwa Ik Dost Bohot Yaad Aaya

    waqai Kiran mujhe bhi buhat yaad aya :(
  3. oh really? hold on lemme see... ohh yeah kooooooooolll thanks Emira.. :)
  4. cute_ooky

    For All Cy Members

    lolz Nadan Im sure Rukh feels the same way abt u :D yeah nice one indeed.. nina u shud've warned us before tho.. :P
  5. cute_ooky

    I Need Your Help.....

    hmm ab tuk aap kafi had tuk sanbhal gaye honge right.. balke aapki post se lagta hai keh aap ko is baat ka koi dukh nahi hua.. :) Im happy to see that.. No more comments!! Aur yeh low esteem.. ya low self confidence wali baat shayed kisi had tuk theek hai lekin i blv keh .. isi mai aapki behtari hai... this is what was written for u in ur kismat.. taqdeer and so this is what happened!
  6. cute_ooky

    Girlfriend Ki Tareef Karain?

    lemme complete it for u Rahi.. u meant pain in the rear end ;) yeah darn right.. Emira, Rahi, Nina.. all u girls are truly my gfs!! Silver: add one more to the list.. a big nice long one.. I dun love u for no reason na.. truly love u... :)
  7. cute_ooky

    Your Fav Lines!

    OMG RABBIAAAAAAAA... shocked!! I love it too.. :) my fav are a lot but they are all over the place.. i mean kabhi kabhi I overhear sumone say sumthing and bas I like it.. lolz.. for example I was in the living room.. aur tv per koi drama chal raha tha.. pakistani.. us me the guy says to his wife.. "chalo ab zara jaldi se ise pehen ker dikhao.." lolzz.. I liked it so much that I had it as myscreen name.. lolz.. I know its got nothing so amazing abt it but.. lolz I know Im weird.. I also like.. "Sunte aye hain.. jore bante hain asmano mai" and.. "All I need is time.. which I dun have - u'll hear me say it a lot.. cuz Im a procrastinator.." das it for now.. more comin up soon... Aimon.
  8. cute_ooky

    Sharai Parda

    Right I get the naat part.. but just wondering.. Im sure u guys know abt Doc. Farhat hashmi and similar women who have dars-o-taleem recorded on cassettes and a lot of ppl buy them... to learn more abt Islam .. so is it wrong too? because there are men who also listen to them? Aimon.
  9. cute_ooky

    ~*happy Birthday Sanum*~

    Silver ki taraf se bhi very very happy birthday.. Sumthing is up with him.. us ke liey bhi dua keren.. he got sum problems going on.. anyways Wishing Sanum a very Happy Birthday from Silver.. :) Be happy n stay happy always.. :) Irzan: :) yeah thanks for the encouragement.. I just wrote sumthign.. its not half as good as urs.. but I got a different perspective on thsi whole issue.. inshaAllah will discuss with u sum other time as I gotta run.. and thanks s omuch for the cake.. will be waiting.. I like chocolate.. :) and yeah u know ur right.. all o fteh sudden sab likhna parhna bhool gaye lolz.. nps.. chalo lets get a danda after them phir Im sure everyone will remember how to read and write.. lolz.. :P arite see ya around.. Aimon!
  10. cute_ooky


    lolllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz :P
  11. cute_ooky

    Want Your Attention Admins

    ohhhhhhh.. waise Emira mai ne tumse to nahi poocha.. :angry2: as I already know ur name :P jus playin.. lolz..
  12. cute_ooky

    Messages (miss U)

    bilkul theek thaak.. I got ur email today .. :) thanks a lot .. inshaAllah once i get my computer fixed to phir araam se reply keroongi.. :)
  13. cute_ooky

    ~*happy Birthday Sanum*~

    Irza... just a comment... the poem that u wrote is amazing.. MashaALlah ur very talented.. and Im happy to see that ur putting ur talent to work and not wasting it.. :) Keep working at it.. ur really good.. btw.. the cake looks delicious... sanum se kaho ise jaldi se kaate.. I want a piece :) plz save me some before tha cake goes bad.. lolz..
  14. cute_ooky

    ~*happy Birthday Sanum*~

    ohh its Sanum bewafa's birthday ... YUPPIE ... aur is khushi ke moqe per woh khud kahan hai? :angry2: Busy partying haan? lol.. Sanum.. mujhe to pata hai lekin baqi cy fellows ki knowledge mai izafa keroo.. lolz.. inhe apni age bata ker.. ;) aur is baar theek answer dena.. dun give the same answer that uhave been giving ppl for the past 5 yrs .. :D Im jus playin.. Hey A very very happy Birthday to a very sweet and caring friend like u.. :flower: Many many happy returns of the day.. May Allah bless u with all the happiness in the world.. and May he always be there for u giving u strength to solve ur problems.. , lessen ur burden and any pain!! All our sincere prayers are with u on this very special day and always.. :) I know we lost contact in the middle.. got busy with our lives... to be honest I really do miss u and our days together.. and.. will never forget u(ok Im trying really hard to not get emotional here but can't help it :() .. and I truly hope ke tum jahan bhi ho.. khush ho.. aur khush raho.. hamesha.. :) InshaALlah.. I can't get u such a cute present like Irzan did.. I guess my poetic abilities still need to be polished "A LOT"..as I m not naturally talented.. not an artist and biochem truly drained all the creativity that I ever had.. but being myself.. as a simple person.. all I can offer u is my sincere prayers for u.. and lots of love.. With best wishes for ur present and future life.. :) Ur friend, Aimon.
  15. cute_ooky

    First Gay 'marriage' In Pakistan

    :D me too.. :D

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