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  1. koolsensation

    Hi Again

    c this what i meant
  2. koolsensation

    > try this

    siannai mein
  3. koolsensation

    Dua For Parents

    thank you for sharing
  4. koolsensation

    Daily Islamic Quotes

    jazak Allah thanks for sharing
  5. koolsensation

    Karachi Pics

    stil we love it
  6. koolsensation

    Hi Again

    i was a member in old times , and left cuz there are only some ppl who reply to asome and i guess this trend is still up . which really is sad , in order to make friends here , ppl juast come rergister and go , i would thus not happening as site to grow
  7. koolsensation

    Can U Define Success In One Word ?

  8. koolsensation

    Ghar E Hira

    ,i wish to go there
  9. koolsensation

    Funniest Video

  10. koolsensation

    Funny Punjabi Song

    soo sooo funny
  11. koolsensation

    New Kaaba

    its really real Great may Allah grant allof uz to visit there
  12. koolsensation


    zbr10 mine all tym fav
  13. Have you ever felt bugged-up with the Start-up and Shutdown jingle of your Windows XP or Vista ? If yes, here is the solution, now you use any of your favorite voice or music or dialogue as your PC’s shutdown and start up. It’s a simple 4 step process. Step 1. Choose the track which you want to play at start-up and shutdown jingles, Limitations are * It should be in .WAV format. * The size of file should not be large, prefer keeping them within in 1 Mb, otherwise your startup will take a bit longer. If the file you want to make your start-up or shutdown is not in .WAV format, you can easily convert them using Jet Audio 7, or any other converter. Step 2. Now rename these files as “Windows XP Startup.WAV” and “Windows XP Shutdown.WAV” respectively. Step 3. Now Go to “C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA”, here you will find files “Windows XP Startup.WAV” and “Windows XP Shutdown.WAV”, move them to some other locations, this step is required for, in case you need to revert back these sounds, else you can ignore this step. Step 4. Now the files you have chosen and renamed, just copy-paste or cut paste them in “C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA”, here you go, now you can enjoy the new Start-up and shutdown.
  14. koolsensation

    Qasida Burda Sharif...

    thanks for sharing :)
  15. koolsensation

    Which Song U R Listening Right Now ?

    none of any

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