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  1. asalm o alakm

    happy birthday

  2. Sania


    woow!! ... that's such a good post .. the topic's really good .. guess wat .. i wear a hijab! .. i'm so proud of myself! :angel:
  3. Sania

    Boys V/s Girls

    GUYZ .. u all know that GURLZ are the best! tabhi to un kay peechay peechay bhagtay ho .. so ... why argue! Charmer > i really like ur avatar! .. very nice!
  4. Sania

    Recipee of the day :d

    HEYYYYYYY!! :hi: Mansoor > i've never really added boiled chicken to pakoras .. but i'm for sure tryin it 2day! Here is the recipe that i just learned in my foods class last week .. i din't taste it cuz i was fasting when we made it .. but it looked good .. i'm gonna make it today .. soo .. i thought i'd share it with u guyz too! .. CODCAKES (Newfoundland's Recipe) 1. Using fresh or defrosted boneless cod-fillets (u can use other kinda FISH if u like .. ie. salmon is good!) .. and drain any fluids ( 1-2 packages of fish .. if it comes in a package) 2. On a cutting board, finely mince the cod (fish) with a knife. 3. Add minced cod (fish) to a med. sized mixing bowl. To the mixture add: 1 beaten EGG 1/4 cup FLOUR SALT AND PEPPER to taste 1 tablespoon LEMON JUICE 4. Using clean hands make patties similar to hamburger patties (same shape ... u can make it round.. ) 5. On a large plate put 1/2 - 3/4 cup bread crumbs - coat each codcake (each shape that u made .. coar it with bread crumbs) BOTH SIDES! 6. On medium heat in a pan with 2 -3 tablescppon oil fry your code cakes about 8 minutes each side or until golden brown. 7. Place cooked codecakes on several layers of paper towel (napkin) to absorb come of the grease before eating! -- TRY MAKING IT! .. IT DOESN'T TAKE LONG @ ALL! ... yum yum :P
  5. Sania

    Your Current Mood?

    .. HAPPY!
  6. Sania

    Showcase Notice

    hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo evry1 !! .. .. its me s@nia here .. the one who alwayz gets late for evrythin! .. just in case u forgot .. :flower: Waqas -- u scared me! .. nahi bai mujhay apni iss community ki membership say haath nahi dhonay .. thank God .. i'm here on time! .. amazing eh! .. warna mujhay to yahaan say nikaal bahir karna tha ... lol .. n e wayz .. i din't really leave for one big reason .. it was just that i had to time to get online .. Grade 12 is keeping me soooooo busy! ... n' i cudn't get on during ramadan either! .. i'd love to come evryday u know .. n' post stuff .. but i just cudn't! ... but .. now i'll try to come by atleast a few times during the whole week! .. .. HOPE THE OTHER MEMBERS COME N' POST AGAIN 2 !! ... -- ab to mujhay nahi na nikaal rahay ....
  7. Sania

    Presence Of Mind

    nice post!! .. ... dat guy was smart!
  8. Sania

    Your Current Mood?

    > yeh someone (s) ka kia chakar hai ... :luv: ... jk CM = :)
  9. Sania

    Get 2 Gaither

    woooow!! ... great idea! .. wudn't it b soo much fum for u guyz o actually c eachother .. not just chat .. i mean for those who haven't seen the members they talk to!! .. laikin .. Canada mai party kab ho ge ... .. i really wanna c u all .. thats why i wanted u guyz to post ur pics in the picture gallery .. but no one wanted to ... :mad:
  10. HAPPY B-DAY TO U HAPPY B-DAY TO U HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO "S.A.I" :flower: HAPPY B-DAY TO U m@ny m@ny happy returns of the d@Y!
  11. Sania

    Happy Birthday Nadan

    oh woooow!! :o .. can't believe some ppl actually came back welcome back umair .. good to c u CY again!!!
  12. oooooh woow .. its my second belated b-day wish!! HAPPY B-DAY TO U HAPPY B-DAY TO U :flower: HAPPY B-DAY DEAR "KIRAN" HAPPY BEEEEELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! hope u had loadz of fun .. n' enjoyed ur day to the fullest!!!
  13. Sania

    Happy Birthday Nadan

    OMGGGGGGGGG........ can't believe i missed Sahar's b-day!! ..sorrryyy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U :flower: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SWEETEST CUTEST FRIENDLIEST SMARTEST N' A LOT MORE THAN WHAT I'VE SAID!! .. SAHAR! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO SAHAR!! Celebrate, it's your Birthday! :flower: A person unique and unreplaceable, Growing wiser, more precious every day. Among your friends you make life bearable. So, with a joyous heart celebrate today! :angel: As your friends and family celebrate YOU. :luv: My Webpage - SAHAR - THIS IS 4 U !! take a look :music:
  14. Sania

    Your Current Mood?

    CM = :D cooooooooooooolll > ur avatar is in good mood!! ... lol
  15. Sania

    App Ki Uljhan Hamari Suljhan

    true .. but i wasn't tryin 2 b mean .. u know!

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