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  1. Salam...

    How are you?

    If you around n alive...text me ...rest wud talk there...

  2. fati

    What I Have Learned About Life....

    Life is struggle, life is beauty, It's a union of right and duty, For you and all its a pretty bouquet If you live it in a lovely way.
  3. reviving the past

    1. sho_shweet
    2. mansoor


      Asalamo ALikum what a surprise to see you :) where have u been ..and whats up ?

    3. Waqas


      oh welcome back. Sure u can find all your past memories here :)

  4. reviving the past

  5. fati

    Attendance Time

    i m present today..
  6. happy birthday 2 u.

  7. welcome back to coolyar again. Keep Active here plz.

  8. fati

    Last Word U Spoke Was ?

  9. fati

    Your Current Mood?

    wanna go home
  10. fati

    Attendence Time

    present... after a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time :)
  11. fati

    ~*~ Happy Wedding Waqas ~*~

    n yes.. me busy in thesis but still.. coolyars ki yaad a hi jati hai by the way.. i got married too.. :) kind of... nikah hua hai :) hum sab baray ho gaiy :D lets c.. i joined coolyar in april 2003. n now it is 2009..amazing.. how time passes howz Asim hasnt he got married
  12. fati

    ~*~ Happy Wedding Waqas ~*~

    Waqas :( tell us, the uninvited people, ke shadi hui kab .. takay aniversary tu wish kar sakein :D n whos the lucky girlll.. secret welll.. wishing u and ur wife a very happy life
  13. fati

    ~*~ Happy Wedding Waqas ~*~

    WAQAS u got marrieddddd when did that happen :) many many congratsssss whos the lucky girl :)
  14. fati

    Kia Lerkion Ko Job Kerni Chahiyay

    excuse me paree.. pardon me. i wrote "really" not because i have some confusion about ur being a citizen of Ireland :) so u r in Dublin. i have read a lot about Dublin. Dublin has produced great writers and poets. so how is it? exciting or dull? as far as Pakistnai society is concerned, nothing is hidden about it. and nothing is hidden baout western society as well. each has its own problems. aur male hein humein support karnay ke laiy.. hmm one cant get rid of one's own responsibility by saying that :) well its a matter of choice :) either u want to do it or u dont want to do it. the topic is about what if u want to do it. if u dont want to do it tu phir masla hi koi nahi. :) . have a chill pill :)
  15. fati

    Ajj........app Ko Gussa Kis Baat Pay Aya

    ghussa a raha hai kayunk i m here and they are there

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