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  1. fati

    What I Have Learned About Life....

    Life is struggle, life is beauty, It's a union of right and duty, For you and all its a pretty bouquet If you live it in a lovely way.
  2. reviving the past

  3. reviving the past

    1. sho_shweet
    2. mansoor


      Asalamo ALikum what a surprise to see you :) where have u been ..and whats up ?

    3. Waqas


      oh welcome back. Sure u can find all your past memories here :)

  4. fati

    Attendance Time

    i m present today..
  5. A new way to view London: from a toilet Usable bathroom exhibit boasts one-way mirrored walls Jennifer Carlile / MSNBC.com An art exhibit of a usable toilet enclosed in a cube of one-way glass is seen across the road from London's Tate Britain Museum. The person inside the outhouse can see passersby while remaining invisible to them. LONDON - Visitors to Britain will find a new stop on London’s site-seeing route this spring: a usable public toilet enclosed in one-way mirrored glass situated on a sidewalk near the River Thames. The contemporary art exhibit, which allows the user to see out while passers-by cannot peep in, toys with the concepts of privacy and voyeurism. “I think there’d be a twinge of not believing that people outside couldn’t see you,†said Jeff Boloten, as he peered into the glass cube to see the metal prison toilet and its transparent walls. The exhibit, entitled "Don’t Miss A Sec," is on display at a construction site across the road from Tate Britain, the national gallery of British art from 1500 to the present. As museum-goers inquisitively press their noses to the reflective glass, and construction workers mill about, it isn't difficult to see why people would feel uneasy about using the glass outhouse. “Playing with the idea of the most private bodily function and having to sit on a street corner is just bizarre,†said Boloten, who works at the Tate Britain. “The construction site makes it interesting because portable toilets are at construction sites all the time, but, the Tate Britain’s a respected institution; the juxtaposition makes it more unique,†he said. Far from testing the viewers’ levels of embarrassment versus exhibitionism, the artist, Italian-born Monica Bonvicini, conceived of the idea while watching people at art openings. Amid the gossip and pageantry, nobody wanted to leave the room for fear of missing a key entrance or comment. The "Don’t Miss A Sec" exhibit -- which was unveiled in December -- reflects peoples’ reluctance to leave the spectacle, and allows the art-goer to remain in the action, even while on the toilet. While some viewers meditate on the exhibit’s psychological and cultural implications others revert to telling potty jokes. British dailies and art commentaries have also had fun with the subject: “Loo with a view†and “Bathroom humor in London†have been among the headlines. Panoptican surveillance system The use of the sterile prison toilet and sink unit stems from the fact that the site once housed the Millbank Penitentiary, where prisoners were held before being transported to Australia in the 1800s. The prison's architect Jeremy Bentham had hoped to create a Panoptican, or all-seeing, surveillance system for the penitentiary. His design envisioned a cylindrical central tower, from where a guard could see all the prisoners in their cells, which radiated out from the tower, without being seen himself. Bentham believed that the knowledge that they were being watched would prevent prisoners from being disobedient, and that they would come to internalize the watchful eye and be able to act as their own guards if they were eventually released. Although Bentham’s Panoptican was never realized, 21st century surveillance systems, like closed circuit television (CCTV), have taken on a similar role. "Don’t Miss a Sec" turns the tables by taking the all-seeing power away from the camera and giving it to the person on the toilet, while letting them remain invisible to the world. But peoples' fears of being seen with their pants down still hold strong. In 2000, a pair of self-proclaimed performance artists caused an uproar when they relieved themselves on artist Marcel Duchamp's 1917 sculpture of a urinal, on display at London's Tate Modern gallery. But, even with full permission to defecate on Bonvicini's work of art, Britons and tourists alike tend to shy away from the challenge. Considering that four-man outdoor urinals are a frequent site in the U.K. capital, some may question the need for nerves. And in some cultures using the toilet is not considered a private matter at all. In fact, it was common for ancient Greek aristocrats to discuss political and business affairs while attending to their own "personal business" in communal bathrooms. Whatever one's take on toilet etiquette, visitors "Don't Miss A Sec" while viewing, or using, this exhibit.
  6. fati

    English poetry

    SOULS OF THE NIGHT Fading shabby shadows and dusky lazy light, I see the upcoming souls of nascent night. The whispers goodbye to him, The sinking sombre sun still gives a grin. The twilight twinkles, the shining stars glow, The gentle whistling wind blows fast and slow. The black spooky sky waves to the blue, The glossy green glitters beacause of dew. The firebug frisks with glee and gay, The solitary sunflower misses the day. The lady of the night smells sweet and pleasant, It tells a tale of beatific beauty and scent. The bevy of chirping birds, in the nests they lie, The wacky whistles of the gurad guy. Quite is the city and the vale, Skiffs silently skim on sea and ships sail. The clock chivvies and solemn silence strides, The mystic moonlight peeps through my window wide. It makes me go and slumber fast, The dooming day and ebbing evening have receded atlast!!! Written by Fati www.geocities.com/sweet_ffati/ffatisite.html
  7. fati

    Last Word U Spoke Was ?

  8. fati

    Your Current Mood?

    wanna go home
  9. fati

    Attendence Time

    present... after a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time :)
  10. fati

    ~*~ Happy Wedding Waqas ~*~

    n yes.. me busy in thesis but still.. coolyars ki yaad a hi jati hai by the way.. i got married too.. :) kind of... nikah hua hai :) hum sab baray ho gaiy :D lets c.. i joined coolyar in april 2003. n now it is 2009..amazing.. how time passes howz Asim hasnt he got married
  11. fati

    ~*~ Happy Wedding Waqas ~*~

    Waqas :( tell us, the uninvited people, ke shadi hui kab .. takay aniversary tu wish kar sakein :D n whos the lucky girlll.. secret welll.. wishing u and ur wife a very happy life
  12. fati

    ~*~ Happy Wedding Waqas ~*~

    WAQAS u got marrieddddd when did that happen :) many many congratsssss whos the lucky girl :)
  13. fati

    Kia Lerkion Ko Job Kerni Chahiyay

    excuse me paree.. pardon me. i wrote "really" not because i have some confusion about ur being a citizen of Ireland :) so u r in Dublin. i have read a lot about Dublin. Dublin has produced great writers and poets. so how is it? exciting or dull? as far as Pakistnai society is concerned, nothing is hidden about it. and nothing is hidden baout western society as well. each has its own problems. aur male hein humein support karnay ke laiy.. hmm one cant get rid of one's own responsibility by saying that :) well its a matter of choice :) either u want to do it or u dont want to do it. the topic is about what if u want to do it. if u dont want to do it tu phir masla hi koi nahi. :) . have a chill pill :)
  14. fati


    Few weeks back i got a chance to go to lahore for the first time.. not for the first time but for the first time in the true sense of the word as earlier i was very little.. so here r some pics which i took.. i had an idea that these places must b very beautiful.. but its sad to say that they are not.. they must b years back..but not now.. deteriorating.. of course they had to lose their real charm but should not lose to such an extent..the gardens are maintianed.. but not the building itself.. the designs on the walls were so dirty that they were hardly visible.. i wonder antiques had to be like this or they must be maintianed.. i thought they must be maintained.. what do u guys say? m i wrong and was i expecting which isnt possible? or they should really be maintained.. Baadshahi Mosque
  15. fati

    Ajj........app Ko Gussa Kis Baat Pay Aya

    ghussa a raha hai kayunk i m here and they are there
  16. fati

    Where Is Everybody?

    nina my dear.. i m here.. u where :) waqas.. i knew u were a bunker ;)
  17. fati

    Kia Lerkion Ko Job Kerni Chahiyay

    things look quite good from a distance paree :) a lot of complications exist in the west as well.. if u really live there (its mentioned ireland:)) then u might have noticed at times:) the difference is they dont feel it any more. no one objects there, they are not concerned with the nature of the job a women may do. they dont question it. so everything runs smooth. v need not to compare our situation with them. there is still some difference between us
  18. fati

    Reason Why Never Visit A 5* Hotel !

    mansoor bhai :) good to see u.. i m fine.. how r u :) its good that all the old cool yars havent left. few r still here :)
  19. fati

    Some Information U Should Know!

    i wont wear blue n i will eat lots of carrots
  20. fati

    Good Test!

  21. fati

    Ever Wonder !

    this must be viewd by the so called modern muslims and the so called civilized non-muslims. spead this msg.
  22. fati

    Reason Why Never Visit A 5* Hotel !

    i wonder how the answerer maintianed so much composure
  23. fati

    Plz Clear Your Mind And Think

    about khuda k liey. the movie was nice. in the sense that it was different. initially i thought it was nice. but.. it wasnt. both the maulanas said something that was not in Islam. this is hypocrisy. Geo is expert in it. and as far as alim online is concerned. the program itself is not that bad.. bit it is a mean of creating illusions.... geo's policy.. to attract all sorts of viewers.. on one side talk about islam.. and on the other promote vulgarity. these are the two extreme paths they adopt. so that they may catch the viewers of extremes and the people who lie in the middle as well. did v miss geo.. not at all. when u switch on geo.. then u r no more in pakistan, either india, or america.. on side they show voice of america and on the other cartoons of bush.. wow ..what a hypocrisy.. its not only geo. its every channel.. our media is disgusting. this is a great conclusionn.. reallyy. thumbs up.
  24. fati

    Plz Clear Your Mind And Think

    matlab ya.. ke wo humein sikhatay hain ke geo aur jeenay do.. pehlay inko ya baat khud seekhni chahiya. it was better when the channel was closed.
  25. fati

    Why English Is So Difficult

    well ... these things give english variety .. its interesting.. and now is an international language as well.. btw.. if u look deeper into ur own language.. u will find million of similar complications

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