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    reading books,watching movies,net surfing,love to spend time on sea side when there is full moon i love it.
  1. happy birthday to you :)

  2. sidd

    Attendence Time

    PRESENT Nice, Life is getting very very busy, late office timmings. well i have one cute son his name is Ayan. he is only 1 year old. tell me abt urs life? how much changes u have found in ur life?. In Love, " S I D D "
  3. sidd

    Attendence Time

    Thanks a lot buddy for remembering my Birthday. Hope everything is fine and well. Waqas i haven't seen many, from my old friends. In Love, :wub: " S I D D "
  4. sidd

    Attendence Time

    Woooow The whole world is change. Looks excellent Present In Love, " S I D D "
  5. sidd

    In The Line Of Fire

    Dear Waqas, Democracy means u have right to say wht u like and dislike. So, i didn't call u ppl wrong bcoz its ur decision tht the book is worst or wht ever u say, just like that u have no rights to call me wrong just coz its its my decision and doesn't apply to others. And if we r talking abt Musharaf so let me tell u 1 thing after 911 Musharaf did his best, while in case of other 2 politicians it would b worst than ever. In Love, " S I D D "
  6. sidd

    In The Line Of Fire

    Assalam Alaikum, well i like this book. i think u r against someone than u will hate everything belongs to him. As a neutral reader of this book i like it i also have some issues on it but in general i like it. In Love, " S I D D "
  7. sidd


    Please Check out This Link http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/interactivity/bl...lahore_ms.shtml Take Care All. In Love, S I D D.
  8. sidd

    Sorry As I Am Posting This As Topic!

    Hi Nadan, Hope u remember me? hope everything is just fine. :!: Just wanna say BEST OF LUCK at every step of ur life. Take Care, In Love, " S I D D "
  9. sidd

    What is this "warn"

    Got it :) Thanks alot for ur prompt reply Asim. Hope everything is just fine at ur end, A new look of CY! hmmmmmmmmmmm sounds excellent. Take Care, In Love, " S I D D "
  10. sidd

    What is this "warn"

    Dear Waqas, How r u? hope everything is just COOL. well i just wanna know that u said WARN is under everyone's avatar excluding 5 Hearts Members well i m also a Five Hearts Members but i have also found under my Avatar. let me know the reason plz. Thanks, In Love, " S I D D "
  11. sidd

    Ring Tone

    Assalam Alaikum,to all, well sorry for an inconvenience but can any body tell me and helps me to get NOKIA's New SMS tone i have tried with my GPRS but failed to get. Plz reply me if anyone knows abt any webside where its available. I' wait for ur reply. Thanks, In Love, " S I D D "
  12. Hi All Hope everything is fine here ;) well ADD is 100% right i have also use use Excel as a game but its in older versions of Excel. i have also use Excel to store movie files. Thanks Add for sharing the information. In Love, " S I D D "
  13. sidd


    Oh! mere Allah Help us. jab se pakistan bana hai aj tak koi ek leader bhi hum ko acha laga her kisi ko criticise kerne per tulle rehte ho tum sab jab hi tu pakistan wahin ka wahin jahan tha balke aur peeche chala gaya.zahir hai jab hum main hi unity nahin ho gi tu agla pagal hai k fayeda na uthaye. humain tu burayan kerne se hi fursat nahin her kisi main keere hi nikalte rehte hain islam ka naam lete hain sahaba karam ki baat kerte hain per yahan gheebat main lage hue hain. Allah hi hafiz is nation ka aur is country ka.
  14. sidd

    Good Morning Sunshine..! Time 4 Answers

    Dear Nadan, Hi, well yes its me here again :) just to see that r u ppl alive or :angel: any ways aap ko tu hum ne kaye baar yahoo per msg kia per aap as usual busy theen werna wahin sab k haal ehwaal pooch lete. Hope every thing is just Kooooooool! hop to see u soon again. In Love, " S I D D "
  15. sidd

    What Females Want?

    In my opinion, Women wants, Protection, Love, Care, Money, & Most Inportant is Respect. In Love, " S I D D "

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