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  1. Salam...

    How are you?

    If you around n alive...text me ...rest wud talk there...

  2. iamshani

    Sweet Kidz

    Salamz.. FATI ohooo..humaray atay hi ro para ???.. meanz mujhay phir say aik do years kay liyay coolyar say jana paray ga? :):) par meray janay kay baad yeh bacha kiya karay ga ....is ki fati zimaydar hogi..:P wel..itz not my creation fati..i found it in wajid's folder and loved it to add here...i dunno where he got it..wel..poetry.com was closed for pakis and some other countries last time i visited warna i have got too many poems now to send there :).. and guyz wat abt more kids pics.............i m loving this section :) AH
  3. iamshani

    Sweet Kidz

    thx laiba..:)
  4. iamshani

    Sweet Kidz

    Salamz all..wow these r real cuties :)..majid's post is very childish :P i mean itz so awesome :)....wat abt this poem guyz ????.. :)
  5. iamshani

    Sweet Kidz

    salamz all..........wow how cute this child is..par yeh rooo kioon raha hay ???????
  6. iamshani


    Thanks u ppl.. :) waisay i m still quite rare in CY.
  7. iamshani


    Salamz...how are u all ? !! SHANI here!
  8. iamshani


    nice going..:_ n thx fati n kirna for appreciatin,g,,newayz..for few days i wud be away from the community...as me v v v v buzy here,, c ya all!
  9. iamshani

    > try this

    sale closed.. :)
  10. iamshani

    Be Strong Enough!

    nice fati ..:)..
  11. iamshani


    while ... if u jus going not expecting anyone..then u wud feeel alone in this world..n friends being alone in this world is in my views the worst punishment..! concluding my post... thtz the reason..my teacher ( may God uplift her to the higher rank ) taught me to remember.." Hope for the best BUT still be prepared for the worst"..n if u remember it..then u wud be hurted very very less..while if u jus going to expecting anyone to high extents..then certainly u wud be wounded n ur heart might crash..! so take care.. :) C ya.!
  12. iamshani


    Salamz to all..! very nice topic started by kiran..:) i cudn't read all the posts but read jus sum selected posts ..n herez my opinion.. look..as far as expectationz r concerned..infact they r also very important for us..bcuz u know one goes for anything only if he expects sumthing from tht..like if u r gonna take part in any quest then there must be sum expectationz of urz with urself tht u can do sumthing in tht..but if u possess no expectation then itz very hard for u to be an active.! BUT..gr8 expectationz sumtimes hurt us..as far as i have experienced..i had n have very very good friends....n not only friends but also every 1 i got was luckily luving n caring towards me..but still i didn't hope anybudy more then his capapbility...bcuz we all know tht therez no trust here..or very less..every 1 is.(or say it mostly r) jus with u until u r at hgh...n therefore expecting them tht wen u wud not stay at ur position then they wud be still with u is mostly hurting..
  13. iamshani

    > try this

    mansoor as moderator
  14. iamshani

    Question Pay Question !

    wo...wo..wo.! hold a sec.... ya fati ..i welcumed her..n wat else can i do ?? kiran...ya itz a game..but jus tell me is it gameSHOW ? nadan..they asking me bcuz.u know why one asks sumone..:P ? (ya wen he himself /herself doesn't know :P) n fati..wat do i not know? n atlast...rukh..don't u ppl know whoz rukh ???????? C YA..:P
  15. iamshani

    Best Signature

    which statement is odd ????

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