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  1. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    lol . Lo rukhmeri ARmy b Tayar ho gai :D ab Kiya kErooo g Madam !:D HI5 ADD
  2. NaDaN

    Growin Old 2geder, !

  3. NaDaN

    The World Without Computers

    :scary! :):
  4. NaDaN

    Hey Lady

  5. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    RUKH I WILL KILL YOU :mad: musibat dali hoi hay1 samjh nahe atii :@ m angry
  6. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    wha Ray shakel dekhi Hya Gift ke Nani maa :@ chalo Bhagoo yahan say TREAT do GIFT loo hisab Barabar :D I AM SO HAPPY FOR Rukh's Class! :D Un ko itni achi position holder mili !
  7. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    Ker Liya Cori check1 ab Tum kerooo now i am Happy! Yeah Chori Online a gai hay na :D
  8. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    Kiran: Rukh ko wohi dukh hay jo mujhay :).. Tera Gum mera Gum ek Jasa Sanum @ Rukh Nothing Kiran bus Yuun heen! kabhi kabhi lagta hay there is nothing fair in life, but then we move on as This is wat one wise should do... neways CURRENT MOOD: MM... Malom nahe :)
  9. NaDaN

    My Father

    I Understand Rukh... Jab koi buhat Dar bad milta hay tu ek ajeeb he kafiyat hoti hay! Mager wo ager maa Baap behan bahi may say koi ho tu app ke samjh say bhir hota hay kay us ko kasy treat kiya jai us k kasay bataya jai kay us kay anay per hamari khushi kiya hay.. takay us kay anay ka haq ada ho jai.. ALLAH Tumharay sab ghar walon ko deher sari Khusiyan naseeb farmai or sab ko he farmai! sab ke azmish , imtahan Khatam ker day ALLAH G or ek dosray ke Khusiyan dekhna naseeb fermai Ameen.
  10. NaDaN

    My Father

    The loss of my dad The days became cold and lonely..., The skies became bleak and sad.... The sun isn’t shining, Because I lost my special Dad... There is going to be an empty space, Which no one else can fill... For nobody can take his place... And no one ever will... And all the words of sympathy, Which friends and families send... Are not enough to heal my pain, And make my sadness end... But they can be a soothing balm..., To ease an aching heart..., And set my feet upon the path..., Where life once more can start....! The love you shared Dad was special... And the things we did together!, Are safely stored in my heart, And they will be there for ever.... I always Pray fpr Your Dad Samra.. You hold a special place in my heart. I wish You strength always, INSHALLAH.. Ameen.
  11. NaDaN

    Away For Exams

    Hey Asim, Wish You very best wid Your Exams! INSHALLAH You will score highest! You r always in my Prayers.
  12. NaDaN

    Yeh Dooriyan Or Qurbatain..

    mm Buhat kuch hay kaahnay ko.. Mager abhi itna dema mauf hay kay himat he nahe Lafzoo ko tarteeb denay k, Baki for the time.. i just wana say one thing... Ys All say kay duriyaon say Apnay payaronke Kadar hoti hay mager... All i think is Apno say Durii jo marzisikhain! per apno say duri achi nahe hoti..! Apnay tu apnay sath he achay lagtay hain...!
  13. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    :/.. LosTed!
  14. NaDaN

    Make Dua For Her

  15. NaDaN

    No Muisc ?

    mm.. Han MARYAM? You fimilar wid all CY Old event!?
  16. NaDaN

    Help With Profiles

    Maryam, Profile are viewable for only 5 Heart Member Groups. Thats Why You can't view Them.
  17. NaDaN

    Member Of The Month Voting..

    Rabia Thx! but abhi winer kahan hoi hon! :)
  18. NaDaN

    Mujh Say Dosti Karogay.......

    hey Sehar Such a lovely Name :).. You and I Share same Name :P.... Hi meet me I am Sahar. Good to c You here.! Hope you have wonderful time here. Be regular! and we all are YOur frnds!
  19. NaDaN

    Whoz Here ?

    BillY G.. WelCome To CooLYar.. Get Ready For Unlimited FuN! Hope You have Great Time ArouNd!
  20. NaDaN

    U Can't Live Widout That

    KASH , My Love! Meri sari duwain app kay sath hain! :) You r my Sweeto meeto Frnd! :)
  21. NaDaN

    Happy Birthday Bewafa!

    Merri Ka BiRthday1.. Lo Meeri kay liya tu meray pass special Item hay... Guess wat.............. TO OUR SWEETEST AND LADLA OF COOLYAR Everytime we think of you, we thank God, and pray for you with prayers of joy. For God began a good work in you, and will complete that work in years to come. Our prayer for you now is this: that your love grow richer in knowledge and insight of every kind, that you learn by experience what really matters, that on the day you appear before God, God welcome you as a flawless gift, a rich harvest of praise
  22. WELCOME TO 5 HEART GROUP.! :) SO Guys! lets demand for treaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! You r most adprable! , cretive and helpful member of this Comunity.. Its really an honor to know you and Have You wid us. :)
  23. NaDaN

    Member Of The Month Voting..

    HaINnnnnnnnnnnn Asa kon sa zulm mujh per tota tha.. jo sab kay vote Mujhay :/ Thx all Thx Brother :) kASH Lo Rukh nay sayapa tu kerna he hota hay :D
  24. NaDaN

    Pic Share Karein

    May ASA Kinu May Asa Kinu Ho!

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