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  1. NaDaN

    Lets Play Antakshari

    Nasha Yeah Payar Ka Nasha Hay!! Yeah Mera Baat Yaroo Manoo.. Nasay May Ajj Jhoom Jaoo Rahoo Na Hosh May Dewanoo Next Word---> O
  2. NaDaN

    Kisi Ka Kya Bigar Jaata

    "Tu Kassa Hoo" Jab Suraj Dubay Sanjh Lamhay Or Phel Raha Andhyara Ho Kissi Saaz Ke Lay Per Chanan Chana Kissi Geet Ka Mukhra Jaga Ho In Jhoomtay Nachtay Paroon May Ek Choop Choop Bahtee Nadiya Ho!! Ek Goot Ho Rophalay Taroon Ka Or Bech Sunahara Chanda Ho Is Sunder Sheetal Shant Lamhay Phir Tum Bolo Kiya Kiya Kiya Ho "Wo Jis Ka Milna Namumkin.. Wo Mil Jai Tu Kassa Ho...!!"
  3. NaDaN

    Question Pay Question !

    Why You Creat This Mess!!!???
  4. NaDaN

    Guys...Karachi Or Lahore...

    Wat You say.... I always stick to Lahore... as "Lahore Lahore Hay....." R I G H T... B)
  5. NaDaN

    Guys...Karachi Or Lahore...

    hmm.. kafee discussion ho gai.. well Mr.wajid..kin Proofs ke batain ker rahein hain.. it would be so nice of You is You share... and Mr.Amir..everyone has their own opinion about BEAUTY.. so lets not make THIS POINT specific for all.. OK.. mmm
  6. NaDaN

    Miscellaneous poetry in english

    Feeling So True.. I have feeling, A feeling that can't be explained. I can only feel the feeling. I just wish it didn't hurt so much. Sometime I cry, sometime I smile. This feeling only for You. I wish I could explain it. May be You would understand it..... But may be You wouldn't. I care so much for You more then You could know. I wish You felt the same but may be Someday You would but no one else will be there but just You... As we sleep under the same big moon I dream how I want to see You soon... I think of all the times we had, the good one as well as the bad but we always succeeded to get over to them... I'm wishing on the brightest star, I’m wondering where You are. I wish that You would see, everything You mean to me, And even though You are miles away, in my heart You will always stay. When You look in to my eyes I never wanted To leave Your Side. I want to spend my whole life with You, Together forever; it would be a dream comes true. When I lay in bed late at night I dream about a sparkling light in Your eyes. I see Your smiling face and I wish we were together forever in a magical place. I wish I could get to You. I just very badly wanted You to know how I Feel for You. Please Be Mine!!

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