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  1. NaDaN

    Funny Emails At CooLYar Support

    LOL Asim app kay tu waray nayaray hain! Kitnay wha wha Proposals a rahay hain :D Sahi baat hay May b sochti tehdunya kay saray pather khan gai hian1 ab pata chala wo logo nay apni akel per Rakh liya hain!
  2. NaDaN

    Messages (miss U)

    LOL... Good Talk..! Well I Am MisSiNg SomeThing ToOoO.. AND That is home ........ I am tired! i wana Gooooooooo Home to Mom and Dad....... somebody help me......
  3. yes i tried it.. it is small application1 and wid good VC Facility.!
  4. NaDaN

    Member Of The Month Voting..

    LOL.. Meray Zulm o sitam ko 3 votes! Thx Night wish! I vote for Pasta! it was awsoem really1 gave me good idea!
  5. NaDaN

    Member Of The Month Voting..

    May no tu parha he nahe dosron ke! kasay voet don1 wait perh ker aii :)
  6. NaDaN


    Silver...? Khariyat1 wat happend!.
  7. NaDaN

    ~~~ek Lamha... Ek Soch!```

    WelCome To CooLYa Kash.. Its Good TO c You Here..! Well I am honored kay app meri post ke wajhay say Cy per ho! Thnx alott! May nay Yeah Topic buhat dar say chera Nahe But now will work On It, INSHALLAH :)
  8. NaDaN

    Khoon Pump

  9. NaDaN

    Definition Of Various It Terms

    # Untrackable bug - Aye ajnabi, tu bhi kabhi, awaaz de kahin se..
  10. NaDaN

    Must B A Manager

    good one AsIm!
  11. NaDaN

    Embarassing moments!

    LOL.. Gosh.. its Funny! how was youfeeling when you were in GUtter LOL..
  12. NaDaN

    What If We Left Wid No Time! :/

    Well another Non-Planned Topic.. Just Poped In My Mind..! as I Was just wonderIng! THAT What is Tonight i Go to Sleep and Never wake Up.. What if this very same Min is My Last Min to tell Every One That What They Mean To me... What if I get to know that this is Only lats Hour i can liev , then how would i be able to tell al those i love , people who mean to me.. That How Much I loved them in my whole life! but could tell.. And Leaving Them is Itslef My death! But Wish Could Stay! :/... Can We Die Satisfide That we told everyone Xactly what we wanted them To Know? If I gave you Only 5 minutes To tell me every single Person that you love As a friend Would I be mentioned? Am I important to you?? What if you died tomorrow And never got to be with The person you love What if I died tomorrow Would you remember me? What if we got into a fight Would we ever be friends again? Think about all the questions You would ask your friends If you died tomorrow.... Would They Care?? I would, you're my friends Time Is Less And There is Big share of Love We want to share wid all of our beloveds. Show them that you care Show them they mean something To you.... As You never Know If There Is Ne Tomorrow! If I died tomorrow.... I wana Tell You all That I really Care For You Alll! Lets Gather al of our courage and Tell People Wat They Really mean to us... Lets write something for neone here... so when we wont b here anymore, they can read and Know that... We really Care for those... !
  13. NaDaN

    I'm Leaving

    Ah Good tO c YOU Amman Emman :).. You r so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT
  14. NaDaN

    Payal Here

    Very Very Warm WelCome PaYaL To :original: COOLYAR. Wish You Have WonDerFul Time.. Around.. Hope To Catch You At Other SecTions...
  15. NaDaN

    Acha To Hum Chaltey Hai

    Hey Night Wish, Wish You Could Stay.. But I hope You will Visit Us Soon.... We will Miss You! :) Wihs You have Wonderfull Future A head. INSHALLAH. Ameen.
  16. NaDaN

    Why , Ne Reason?

    WHY?! Yes Why ? LOL lets not make this a mess.. well just was changing My Avatar! so Thought of starting this Thread... WHY ARE YOU KEEPING UR Present AVATAR? NE SPECIFIC REASON..? Lets Share...! and Lets Comment about OTher's AVatars tooo! Ok let me start wid... KIran's Avatar..... mm I dont Like that Avatar Kiran.. You dont look good Crying1 ALLAH TUM Ko hamesha Hansta hwoa rakhay AMEEN.! so PLease Change Your Avatar i hate that..! .. mm baki will comment and tell about My AVatar too! so Lets Start!
  17. NaDaN

    Attendence Time

    :) Achi baat hay... CoolBoy.. :) Wo tu app ko kabhi kabhinazar anay per may nay Yun kahaa!
  18. OoOH Cute is still 1 heart member ??????????? No i Was Actully had someone else in my Mind... Ok Now there are going to b Two ! :) so next plz.. :)
  19. OoOH Cute is still 1 heart member ??????????? No i Was Actully had someone else in my Mind... Ok Now there are going to b Two ! :) so next plz.. :)
  20. NaDaN

    Oh My Creator

    .. Very Nice!
  21. NaDaN

    Are You Telented! Really?

    MuNNiBhai...! ther is very very Simple and Obvius Example regarding Your claim.. 1- We take things As we Want Them, So we All take Pakistan As PAYARRA. 2- I Chllange You, You can change YOur identity, Pakistan is giving you home, Food, living, Freedom, Identity. You are known as Pakistani All over the world. If You remove this title From YOur IDENTITY! so Wat you left wid.. NAME?.. So Can you b reconganised By Your Name..? No.. even if You get the hiegst level of Fame.. You need You base, You Background. Pakistan is Providing You Your Roots.. Providing us Opurtunity to Prove our selfves! yes I agree that provided opportunities are in less ratio, But this is More dificult For Pakistan to Satosfy all but still it is On Its way. and INSHALLAH , It will grow Good, If onlywe stop puting wrong or unfair aligations For our Country! we have to stay Loyal. Buttom Line.. Pakistan is PAYYARA PAKISTAN. You have un-sufficent queries :)
  22. NaDaN

    Attendence Time

    aray Wha Ajj CooLBoy aii hain!
  23. NaDaN


    MEERI :mad: yeah service Bata may app kay frnds ajj tak app ko treat detay rahay hian ????????????? :D Oh Poor Brother1 asa kerin is Dafa app mujh sya lay lain.. Kisi KHnay wali jagha per treat day don g!
  24. Aimon, there was only one reason.. he Had not been Regular In previous few time. Butnow he ius regular! and we all witenss all his Topics and post areUp to the Mark and he isour alll Time Fav Person.. :)... So now Finally Few hearts were bothering Asim and requesting to go To Mansoor :) so here they are :).. Now There isone more person who deserve 5 hearts! I ll talk to Asim and then will see , why not he got 5 Hearts yet. BTW Neone Can Guess HIS name???
  25. NaDaN

    Member Of The Month?!?!

    MunniBhai Hain Yeah Kiya! why Can't You c The Whole Txt.... Aaman NeTime...! :)..

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