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  1. NaDaN

    Tell Secrets To Friends

    WelCome TO CY fat peoplz r harder 2 kidnap LOL Very Funny Nick! :P well Can't ay muchregarding to theTopic! But we share our stuffs or secrets to those where we feel that Frequency matches... Baki there is nothing bad about sharing secrets wid parents as long as its something not inculded in MOM OR DAD 's DO NO DO LIST this is the only rason that keep us not to share our secrets wid Parents! but wid frnds!.
  2. NaDaN

    Pic Share Karein

    lol! har gai :D kuch nahe hotaa! Himat-e-NaDaN Madad-eCheating :D...... ADD CONGR8 Suggest some UNWAN For this Picture.
  3. NaDaN

    Member Of The Month Competition

    Aimon :D neki or poch poch well yes pleasee Start this Topic AND You have to decide urself! wat and where to start wid. :) .. hum per tawka lagi tu BUHAAAAAAAAAT daar ho jai g :P.. well just make that Topic oone happening one! like somewhere we all can come and get sahre of FUN.. like party sort :).. i will help you inviting and for all the rest thing you want my assistance in. and make sure there is one rule i wana tell you seriously and that is .............................. MAKE ME MEMBER OF THE MONTH EVERY MONTH :D Ok Kidding... just start this! and plan it out your way! I knwo no one can do Better this topic But you :) so Hope to c some great stuff
  4. NaDaN

    Are You Telented! Really?

    Aimon, well let this decision remain wid Our "Mera Payara Pakistan" debate's Judges. We all will suggest our Topics and they will Pick One For Us.. and Judges, I mean Mansoor and A1B2C3 Now after selecting one! You willalso have to participate....Thne we will honor some other member to judge us , God i am way too excited.. so this way we can enjoy every bit of this Topic. hope there is no object,,?
  5. NaDaN

    Are You Telented! Really?

    WoW LoveLy Award kash mujh nalike nay b participate kiyahota :).. neways.. Aimon that cool did nothing beside posting his adress, not pointing or asking neone to add him bus awean.. as most of people do,put their email in signature or post , so i edit it and ask him if he wana show his id or want people here to be frnds wid you tu put his ID in his profile! so who ever feel like adding him! can get it from there. siimple :) acha Ok guys its Again your Turn Sugesst some new Exciting Topic Like Majid's One! Let me Think one Too.. Will be posting Today INSHALLAH My suggestion.
  6. NaDaN

    Are You Telented! Really?

    WOWOWOWOWOWOOW Such a wonderful awards! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN and best of luck for the all coming Topics! :)..
  7. NaDaN

    Mr. Cool Yar

    Nahee Majid, asay buhat say Topics hotay hian jo buhat achay hotay hain1 per na malom honay ke wajhay say members us ko dekh nahe saktay! liek many members are active at gutugu and hardly check thsi section! so ager yeah un kay intrest ka hay b tu we have to inform them so isi liya You have to send PM toa ll those but fihal nahe! wait for couple of days! i will send you member's list who r active and shuold vist this Topic. But let me ask Asim and Raiha about their scedual for this Topic. then App officialy Image post kerna ka anoucementker dena. :) Ok?
  8. NaDaN

    What's Ur Takkia-kalam?

    mm.. Tu kisi ko pata chala Takya kalam :).. well ager Takya kalam is that word we use repidly in almost of our sentencess or talk! tu i guess mine is MMM... As i Use it in talking writing and everywhere....
  9. NaDaN

    Mr. Cool Yar

    Kinu kay yeah Sheyd Mujh say khafa hain! Majid! i sent your invitation to Admin and Miss coolyar for being judges! which has been accepted happyly by both of them, but we delaed this Topic due to Two reasons. 1st Miss CollYar can't be here for like couple of more days and Asim will be joining us anytime! but i want Raiha to come so Then you will have to send Pm''s to members inviting to Your Topic so that they all know. so dont worry1 koi bhula nahe! but delay howa hay1 yes my fualt i should have told you before! per is liya nhe batay as i wanted to get raiha back1 and koi asi statement deni na paray! neways i hope you dont mind?
  10. NaDaN

    Naughty Mona Lisa

    wops! its scary :S...........
  11. :) now i can see! love this Sadam's one :D
  12. NaDaN

    Do You Know?

    aray No Thanks! Its all becouse of A1B2C3's nice topic.. i was emmbarsed to c that i have less knowledge for all this! and his Qs Provoked me to do all this search1 and ALLAH ka shuker i get to the Answer. I Am enjoying This topic.. It is helping all of us to keep our spirit high for our religion. MASHALLAH such a wonderful topic.. i am egerly wiating for next Q. Ibadat mansoor thanks alot fora ppriciating.
  13. NaDaN

    Do You Know?

    Volume:4. Book:54. Book of:Beginning of Creation. Number:429 Narrated Malik bin Sasaa The Prophet said, "While I was at the House in a state midway between sleep and wakefulness, (an angel recognized me) as the man lying between two men. A golden tray full of wisdom and belief was brought to me and my body was cut open from the throat to the lower part of the abdomen and then my abdomen was washed with Zam-zam water and (my heart was) filled with wisdom and belief. Al-Buraq, a white animal, smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey was brought to me and I set out with Gabriel. When I reached the nearest SKY. Gabriel said to the heaven gate-keeper, 'Open the gate.' The gatekeeper asked, 'Who is it?' He said, 'Gabriel.' The gate-keeper,' Who is accompanying you?' Gabriel said, 'Muhammad.' The gate-keeper said, 'Has he been called?' Gabriel said, 'Yes.' Then it was said, 'He is welcomed. What a wonderful visit this is!' Then I met Adam and greeted him and he said, 'You are welcomed O son and a Prophet.' Then we ascended to the second SKY. It was asked, 'Who is it?' Gabriel said, 'Gabriel.' It was said, 'Who is with you?' He said, 'Muhammad' It was asked, 'Has he been sent for?' He said, 'Yes.' It was said, 'He is welcomed. What a wonderful visit his is!" Then I met Jesus [Hazrat Isa] and Yahya (John) who said, 'You are welcomed, O brother and a Prophet.' Then we ascended to the third SKY. It was asked, 'Who is it?' Gabriel said, 'Gabriel.' It was asked, 'Who is with you? Gabriel said, 'Muhammad.' It was asked, 'Has he been sent for?' 'Yes,' said Gabriel. 'He is welcomed. What a wonderful visit his is!' (The Prophet added:). There I met Joseph [Hazrat Yousaf] and greeted him, and he replied, 'You are welcomed, O brother and a Prophet!' Then we ascended to the 4th SKY and again the same questions and answers were exchanged as in the previous heavens. There I met Idris and greeted him. He said, 'You are welcomed O brother and Prophet.' Then we ascended to the 5th SKY and again the same questions and answers were exchanged as in previous heavens. there I met and greeted Aaron who said, 'You are welcomed O brother and a Prophet". Then we ascended to the 6th SKY and again the same questions and answers were exchanged as in the previous heavens. There I met and greeted Moses who said, 'You are welcomed O brother and. a Prophet.' When I proceeded on, he started weeping and on being asked why he was weeping, he said, 'O Lord! Followers of this youth who was sent after me will enter Paradise in greater number than my followers.' Then we ascended to the seventh SKY at heaven
  14. NaDaN

    ~*yes Or No*~

    Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Do You Like Slow Music!?
  15. NaDaN

    Nick Game!

    Just Hold Me In Your Arms.. And Don't Say A word.. Silnce of Your Arm is the best Sound to be heard.
  16. NaDaN

    ..tum Ko Dekha To Yeh Khayal Aaya...

    tUM KO DEKHA TU YEAH kHAYAL aYAA! App ko galat fehmi hay shyed!
  17. NaDaN

    Wat Come To Ur Mind!

  18. NaDaN

    Abbreviation Game

    FBI : Federal Bureau of Investigation TINTW dEKH LAIN I KNOW :D
  19. NaDaN

    *~*~ Grade The Person Abuv ~*~*

    mm Khurshid! app nay meray Bhai ko C grade kinu day diya Neways A++++
  20. mehwish quoting Admin's post at one Topic related to Your Q. When member get registered he/she join in as a member group! and by their post and their regular visit makes them eligible for Five herath Group member! as You are new b! you can se you have 0ne heart under your avatar. and as you becomeregular! you will be moved to five herat group. :)
  21. NaDaN

    After A Longgg Time....

  22. NaDaN

    Are You Telented! Really?

    CONGRATULATIONS! Aimon, Saber yaar, :) You are winner pehlay yeah tu celebrate ker loo as soon as judges will come onlien they will mention it. ADD AND AIMON MANY MANY CONGRATULATIONS. MM SO DONT WORRY AB Your virtual trophy will b ariving soon! and to all the Runner Ups! you all did great Job! it was intresting! ok now one thing You should all start now! as i am afraid! ourjudges gonna get relax so soon. as Mentioned in rules Now all of us can post our suggested Topics for next debates. among those Judges will select one.! and Then Previous competetion's Judges will participate to !and CY MODERATION TEAM AND ADMIN WILL DECIDE Another judge(s) . ok Hurry Up! :) and please select some easy Topic! mujh jasay nalik nay b participate kerna hay plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  23. NaDaN

    Game Without "a",

    no , ITS FINE
  24. NaDaN

    Wat Come To Ur Mind!

    Indian Songs :mad:
  25. NaDaN

    Guess.....below U

    Yes Its Me! Nxt Will B You Majid!

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