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  1. NaDaN

    Final Call!

    Hope All doing Great! I actully dont wanted to post ne Topic like such.. But iit was un-fair disappering without asaying Good-bye..! well there is no such Big reason, But My Time is Wraped Up!.. so Can'thelp mySelf..! I am blessed wid lots of frnds here! TOO Many YOUNGER SISs And BrothERs... Will miss Ya all..! Pray For me.. You will always STay in my prayers.. Baqi Admins.. Plz Delete my Acount..! Thats a request and Asim.. You dont worry! I am alwya swid you! U know i love turtutring my small brother sster.. bara maza ta haychotay bacho per rub dalnay ka! It was a long and Good jurney at CY..! I felt like I born here.. I get older and now its Time to expire..! Ok Gals Guys! Miss Ya! Take good Care.. Ba Bye..! ALLAH HAFIZ. ReGards. Sahar Nizami.
  2. Meri Sharmindagi k baray ma Kiya khayal ha Rukh!....?? :/... Khush rahooo hamesha! Ameeeeen!
  3. NaDaN

    Are You Telented! Really?

    Asalm o ALikum!... Hope You All Doing Fine!.. There Is Only One Reason that Put Me Rather Forced Me To Post This Topic and Start this competetion as I know CooLYar is Blessed With Telented Members.. and Its is One small effort to Honor all of Them and Help them to Prove their Telent to Other fellow members , So we All can Learn From Each Other.... Starting This Topic For Alll those Debators Who wana share their Talent and Most of All Want Campanians Of Their taste or For Healty Competetion. Here is the place where you can express opinions on almost anything. Any topic under any category is allowed... common topics are philosophy, humour, politics and cultural. And Another Very Important Thing Is We wanna Honor our old And good members By Giving them the Most Tough JOB as Judge and we will Change Judge for Every competetion so We can Honor Our all great Members. So here are Few Basic Rules We wil have to Follow So we can Enjoy This Topic with its all spirits. :) A- Debate Should Be OnTopic. B -Please maintain English Or Urdu as the medium. C -It should not exceed From 100-150 Words. D -ALL Member Groups Can participate. E -No anonymity. Stand up for your statements, people. F -No outrageous evil flaming. Keep it at least semi-civil if you can. Now The Other Most Important Thing How Judgment will be Done, I mean On which Grounds A- 20% Will be Marked agaisnt for staying ON-TOPIC or Relevent B- 20% Will be Marked for being Clear and Justifide Statements. C- 20% for Following the Rules D- 30% Will be for eveluation Of fact Povided by Debator and Debator's Confidence F- 10% Will be marked on Judge's own Opinon for confidence and Style. So I Guess I am done wid Rules and Stuff! Lets Start with teh Fun stuff :) There is No rule About Who will set Topic for Net Debate, All can submit their suggestions , and Judge Or Last Competetion will decide Which Topic to Chose From Suggested Topics And The Most Exciting Part The winner will get a Virtual award added to his/her profile/signature Ok One More and Final request1 as Being Host of this Topic! I request You all to accept My this First TOPIC For debate well as Independance Day is Near So I Think it is perfect time to Xpress our Love in words For Our Country.. "My Beloved Pakistan" or "Meray Payara Pakistan" Topic Starting Date From 10th AUG Till 14Th AUG 2005. OUR HONORABLE Judge For This competetion will be MR. A1B2C3, AND Mr. Mansoor .. Topic WInner will be Anounced on 15th AUG INSHALLAH. I REQUEST A1B2C3 And Mansoor To Accept this humble Request and Honor us with Your Judgement :). Thanks Alll! Hope You Enjoy this Topic! :) .. so wat are we Waiting For! LETS DEBATE NOTE: For any help or question, I am only a Click away :).
  4. NaDaN

    Wat Come To Ur Mind!

    Ok Guys me and Rukh were thinking of new game or something.. so we come up with KKHH wali game remeber!!..anyone ok i will write one word you have to write the very first thought or word come to ur mind after readung that e.g...if i say water.. the next thing come to my mind is rain.. and from rain the 1st thing come to my mind is clouds!! so Rukh Want You to start!!
  5. NaDaN

    A Diplomatic Kiss

    General Musharaf, Vajpayee, Aishwarya Rai and Margaret Thatcher are sitting in a train. The train suddenly goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark. Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a slap! The train comes out of the tunnel. Both women and Gen Musharraf are sitting there looking perplexed. Vajpayee is bent over holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap. All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything. Thatcher is thinking: "These Indians are all crazy after Aishwarya. Vajpayee must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel. Very proper that she slapped him." Aishwarya is thinking: "Vajpayee must have moved to kiss me, and kissed Margaret instead and got slapped." Vajpayee is thinking: "Damn it, Musharraf must have tried to kiss Aishwarya, she must have thought it was me and slapped my face. " Musharraf is thinking: "If this train goes through another tunnel, I could make another kissing sound and slap Vajpayee again." :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  6. NaDaN

    Your Fav Lines!

    ہم اُس قبيلہ وحشي كے ديوتا ہيں جو پُجاريوں كي عقيدتوں پر پھول جاتے ہيں اور ايك ہي رات كے معبود صبح ہوتے ہي وفا پرستوں كي صليبوں پہ جھول جاتے ہيں
  7. NaDaN

    Pray For Mansoor ,s Behnoyee

    it is very Sad to hear this. ALLAH Un sab ko saber atta farmai this loss is huge then words can Xplain. Really Sad news
  8. NaDaN

    Back To Back

    there is COOLYAR's comunity too! MuniBhai join that!
  9. NaDaN


    Appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that you possibly can for you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people that you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high. WonderFul sharing!
  10. NaDaN

    C U

    Hope you get sattle wid your family issues.. wish you all the best and we sure will miss you! Take good care! Wiating for You! ALLAH HAFIZ
  11. NaDaN

    Coolyar Reach 4m Hits

    Congratulations to CY!
  12. NaDaN


    :mad: You Monk!!!!!!!!
  13. NaDaN

    Coolyar Forums In New Design

    cool as ever.........
  14. Asalm o ALIkum! all! well i am so sorry as I am posting this Xplaination Post Well i am getting Lotssssssssssssss and Lotsssssssss Of msgs and Pms from my lovely lovely fellow members! all worried .. as i am not much regular! and at time i am unable to reply to their Pm's well yes ALLAH KA shuker hay i am behter.. and na anay ke wajha masrufiyat bb hay or shyed abhi khud b malom nahe! though i try to get online as much as i can1 i am not at all unawear about wat is happening at Community! Kinu kay This is my 2nd Home..! where i stay alot! so i can't let me stay away from my house ... baki i am so sorry as i dont reply to pms very quickly but trust me that dont mean that i dont liek you or nething1 you guys are as dear to me as ever.. its just i am lost..! have to figure out myself taht wats wid me..! kher... as manyof my frdns said kay shyed now i dont like them! and dont care for them1 to i ll say just one thing "Shut-up and give ur brain something nice to eat1 so they can't think silly thoughts.." baki one thing i always said to all my frnds that i am not a very good frnd! so dont miss me so much.. just b sure whenever you ll need me i will b right there for ur help...! but jin jin nay mujhay likha hay as i dont care for them! and mujhay un say koi masla hay tu STOP THINKING like that! bus kuch may asi ho gai hon and kuch halat ! INshALLAH i ll reply to ind as soon as Possible.. Thnx Alll! Love Ya..! NaDaN :(
  15. Majid , NOw wat is This ??????????????????? :mad:
  16. :) Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
  17. NaDaN

    Your Fav Lines!

    From StInG SoNG.. I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in pain I dream of love as time runs through my hand
  18. NaDaN

    Ik Member , Ik Shair

    Sab zaberdast ker rahay ho! Koi Rukh Ko acordingly Jawab tu do na Yaar..!
  19. NaDaN

    Your Current Mood?

    UmMmMmMmMmMMmMmMm Pata Naheeee!:(
  20. NaDaN

    Your Fav Lines!

    I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme. I hate the way youre always right, I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when youre not around, and the fact that you didnt call. But mostly I hate the way I dont hate you, not even close not even a little bit not even at all.
  21. NaDaN

    Your Fav Lines!

    Kabhi ZindaGi Mili.. Tu PoChain Gay.. Yeah ImtiHan kasa Hay..!
  22. NaDaN

    I Am Confused...

    Yeah Kiya Confusin Theeee!
  23. NaDaN


    Boy: A noise with dirt on it.

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