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  1. OK Girls And Guys........... All can Submit there suggestied Topics By Tonight, Then Our previous Topic Judes will decide One Topic among suggested one! and we will have Next debate competetion from Friday INSHALLAH...So please quit acting like LAZY :mad:

    Ok waitIng......

  2. Hain ADD yeah kiya dhazam dhazma kiyaaaa?

    Or hum Khawateen nahe! Larkiyan hain :D.. hum nay kiya ker diya! lazeeza say recipy dekh ker post ker dain :D.. shyed kuch ho jai app kay competetion ka b

    Han g meeri wo raat may kasay bholon :)... Neways yeah tu sirf joke tha sab say share kerna tah is liya ker diya ! :) warna NaDaN bariiiii buhadar hay g :D

  3. I love This simple FOOD.. Gosh i am mad about it :/ tALKING abOUT MY aBOVE Post

    ACha For the Joke..! Aimon i AM Not to much in to jokes stuf! but Allow me , i wana share one ZULM BHARI DASTAN wid You i mean wid allJo kay shyed app sab ko hasaa day!

    Ok story begins........

    MazLoooM : NaDaN

    ZaLiM: None other but CY Kay LADLAY Meeri.

    Once Upon a Time There was A dian :D.. Aray aray is story may tu sirf ek may he Lady hon tu yeah dain tu may ban gai toba toba! i take my words back!..

    Howa Kuch Yon Ek masoom se larki jis ka naam NaDaN hayor ek Gabroo Jawab Dehshat Gard Meeri :P.... Jo NaDaN Ka Bhai B Hay... Bus Bhia ke Muhabbat may Raat kay 3 bajay Wo waqai howaa Jo Bus Mat Pochian.. 3:00 AM ka Time Or NaDaN APNAY Payaray Bhaiyaa Meeri say Guf tu shneed may Masroof Kay Achnak NaDaN ko feel howa kay us ko Neend a rahe hay.. bus NaDaN jo kay raat ko Black out ker kay apnay room may Monitor ko sari raat Ullo ke tarhan dekhnay may buhat maza atta tha.. aahaa..Kiya wo din Thay Jab Tum Jin Thay.. acha back to Story....

    howa Kuch Yun kay Meeri ko yaad aya kay NaDaN app ek game khel ker jain! buhat mushkil hay us ko win kerna.. NaDaN masoom boli b kay bhiyaa abhi ned a rahe hay kal sahe! per Meeri saab nay Mujhay Josh dilaya! han app say kahan hoi ga rehnay dain phr kabhi.. Lo Meeri nay tu josh ka fultime pressure day diya NaDaN KE IZAT KA MAmla tha.. shuro ho gai! 5 difrences dhondnay thay picture may.. it was a picture of hunted place.. lo yeah NaDaN bibi dhara dhr difrences nikal rahe the khush ho rahe the kay wha.. Meeri ko abhi batati hon! jasay he last difrence per click kiya :(

    :down::ghostface: tu ek drowniiiiiiiiiiiii c anty nay mujhay ghorna shuru ker diya monitor kay us taraf say hai! phir the cheekian or NaDaN or Meeri ke hasiyan..

    toba sari raat Anty samnay he rahy!..

    BUs tab sya black out ka zamana gaya

    ab KOI gamenahe kheltii :D....


    so how was it...


  4. Good TO C You Sanum..!

    Han CY is changed and Happening.. Kiya khayal hay...! acha Now dont tell me Sanum kay yeah Q app kayliya toughhain1 toba kerin!

    app tu un logo may sya hain jo kuch b ker sakti hian or app asa kha rahe hain! chalain Shabash.. Post Your stuff :)... Hope to c good things from You again...

    Han Tu Miss Aimon.. Meri dhamki yaad hayna jo may nay PM may d hay :D bholna mat warna :fight:

    Acha i Think i should start wid My Share as i would Love to b Member of the Month! but next Month ke.. kinu kay next month :blushing: choroo wo secret hay ismonth tu practice kay liya ker rahe hon Compettion :D..

    acha acha.. Ok as you said

    1.Write your own recipe .. (for a dessert/snack)

    Tu yes i do lots of experiments in Kitchen! but I end up in knowing that following recipie is easy and delecious but making my own recipe hardly work out in my acord so here is one simple tiny litle sweet babbly tably recipy which i love for breakFast and is one of my own creation! its waaaaaaaaaaaaay To simple but i fix wat to go wid what.. i mean esambeling ..

    For One Serving

    EGG [ONE]



    OIL [1 TB Spoon]





    Method :


    1-Boil egg and slice it in a round shape .

    2-slice tomato is round shape

    3- cut our chillies take out all seeds to make it less hot and slice it finely.

    4- just lightly brush or spoon ur bread slice and put them in to Hot oven for 1 Min. Bread will become golden brown and cryspy [as i my ishate using oven so wo Taway per he Slice brown ker lati ha and cryspy b ho jatay hain so In either ways.]

    Cut each peice of breadin to 4 cube section.. Place Tomato on each slice them egg slice then sprinkle few cillis on it [dont worry trust me..it wont b hot it will give a new taste to bread and egg] Sprinkel black paper and salt , andif you have no problem wid calories! put a small tiny portion of butter at the top..

    and then You have to do the most important thing

    HAVE A CRYSPY BITE.. YUM.. :food: an Bhook Lag gaii! :(

  5. LOL... Aimon yeah i can understand! as i sorted these alll members from 2,553 members! gosh and sent invitation to all these selected members! it was huge! orlagta tha yeah kam khatam nahe ho ga! .. Neways! INSHALLAH ALL WILL SHOW UP :)

  6. LOL

    Dar Lagi anay may Tum ko shuker hay phir b Aii Tu..........

    Many Many Congrats!..

    waqai itni lambi Post na k\likha kerain na :P....

    nahe nahe! i enjoy every bit of it

    shuker hay app jahan b jatay hian wapis tu atay hain! :)..

    its always good to c you! ..

    Baki app nay tu CY ka naam roshan kiya hay1 hum app ko tuhfay may kiya dain... :D...

    Meray khayals ay gIFT KAY TUR PER APP KO hum sab ko treat denay ka honor detay hain :D.. Kasaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. wohoo! wow!

    Aimon! Great Stuff!

    But me tu har jaon g! :D.. Yipeee!

    It was fub reaidng@ ap participatek ernay may kitna mazaa aii ga :D..

    well i guess Sab ko invitation send honi cahin as itnay COOL Topic may reply abhi tak nahe hian1 only reason could b "many members are not coing to these sections" so i am Pming you the member list who r active and will reply INSHALLAH.

    invite them and Inshallah WE WILL start this fun togather :)

    its a wonderful wonderful Topic :yes:

  8. :o Awwwwwww

    Mujhay b Award Mil gaya :blush:

    Asim Ab May App ko kiya Kahon! :).. Neways Thnx For this Lovely Honor! I am really Flying high! Love this Beutiful Flag! :) and as now its wid Title! tu its TopNotch!..

    Well ADD :) Good Q :P.. No If there will b ne Topic related to INdia! tu VajPai ke Pic dain gay Display may! :D

    Imagen Kitna Maza aii ga! her ek kay signature mey VajPaii LOL

    Ok ok Kidding! Congratulations ALLLLL. :)

  9. WelCome TO CY fat peoplz r harder 2 kidnap

    LOL Very Funny Nick! :P

    well Can't ay muchregarding to theTopic! But we share our stuffs or secrets to those where we feel that Frequency matches...

    Baki there is nothing bad about sharing secrets wid parents as long as its something not inculded in MOM OR DAD 's DO NO DO LIST

    this is the only rason that keep us not to share our secrets wid Parents! but wid frnds!.

  10. Aimon :D

    neki or poch poch

    well yes pleasee Start this Topic AND You have to decide urself! wat and where to start wid. :) ..

    hum per tawka lagi tu BUHAAAAAAAAAT daar ho jai g :P..

    well just make that Topic oone happening one! like somewhere we all can come and get sahre of FUN.. like party sort :).. i will help you inviting and for all the rest thing you want my assistance in.

    and make sure there is one rule i wana tell you seriously and that is ..............................


    Ok Kidding... just start this! and plan it out your way! I knwo no one can do Better this topic But you :)

    so Hope to c some great stuff

  11. Aimon, well let this decision remain wid Our "Mera Payara Pakistan" debate's Judges. We all will suggest our Topics and they will Pick One For Us..

    and Judges, I mean Mansoor and A1B2C3 Now after selecting one! You willalso have to participate....Thne we will honor some other member to judge us , God i am way too excited.. so this way we can enjoy every bit of this Topic.

    hope there is no object,,?

  12. WoW LoveLy Award kash mujh nalike nay b participate kiyahota :)..

    neways.. Aimon that cool did nothing beside posting his adress, not pointing or asking neone to add him bus awean.. as most of people do,put their email in signature or post , so i edit it and ask him if he wana show his id or want people here to be frnds wid you tu put his ID in his profile! so who ever feel like adding him! can get it from there. siimple :)

    acha Ok guys its Again your Turn Sugesst some new Exciting Topic

    Like Majid's One! Let me Think one Too.. Will be posting Today INSHALLAH My suggestion.

  13. Nahee Majid, asay buhat say Topics hotay hian jo buhat achay hotay hain1 per na malom honay ke wajhay say members us ko dekh nahe saktay!

    liek many members are active at gutugu and hardly check thsi section! so ager yeah un kay intrest ka hay b tu we have to inform them

    so isi liya You have to send PM toa ll those

    but fihal nahe! wait for couple of days! i will send you member's list who r active and shuold vist this Topic.

    But let me ask Asim and Raiha about their scedual for this Topic. then App officialy Image post kerna ka anoucementker dena. :) Ok?


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