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  1. urva

    A S T U G H F I R U L L A H

    Asalam-o-Alaikum i m started the thread Astughfirullah hum loog roz yahan aaker ek dafa Astughfirullah zaroor likhingay coz hum loog roozana koi na koi guna zaroor kertay hai aab topic main reply ki wajha se hum Allah se roz mafi bhi mang leegain , Wo Maaf Karne Wala Hai., .Astughfirullah
  2. urva

    Agar Mera Bas Chale To Me...

    As Salam O Alikum here is my new thread agar mera bas chale to me.... is me above person k liye ye sentence likh k aage as u wish jo likhna chahen so here the game begin
  3. urva

    Ajj Neend Sy Kis Ne Utaahya?

    Asslam o Alaikum Friends Herez Another Thread Yahaan aap ko share kerna he k aaj subh aap ko kis ne uthaya ??
  4. urva

    Your Current Mood?

  5. urva

    Humari Mama Kehti Hain....

    A-O-A doston......yahan aap subko wo batain batani hain jo aapki mama aksar aap say kehti hain...ya kaha karti theen......or jinko ab bhi aap yaad karty hain.... HuMari mama kehti hain...Beta kabhi sonay ki koshish bhi kia karo(kyun ke humy neend nahi aati aur hum soty hi nahi Mugr haan jab neend aa jae to uthty nhi hai..) Aap ki mama kya kehtin hain????? take care n do reply....
  6. urva

    Qaza Ro'zon K Masail

    qaza ro'zon k masail
  7. thnk u so much bro ap ko yad tha
  8. urva

    Date Balls..

    Ingredients: * Dry dates (khajoor) 20-25 * Milk 1 cup * Khoya or Barfi 250 gms * Desiccated cocunut 2 tbsp Procedure: Soak dates overnight in water. Chop them into small pieces and cook them with milk till all the milk is absorbed by the dates. Add khoya/barfi to the dates and cook for 5 mins on medium heat. Blend everything into a paste. Add sugar if needed. Make balls and roll them in coconut. Serve chilled
  9. urva

    The Muslim Girl

    THE MUSLIM GIRL There goes that Muslim Girl that no one knows The one who's covered from her head to her toes The Muslim Girl who hardly ever talks The one who holds her head up when she walks The Muslim Girl who doesn't go out with boys The one who’s never treated like a toy The Muslim Girl who hates violence and did no crime The one who's so called “father” was on the cover of the New York Times The Muslim Girl who always gets dirty looks While she's walking home clutching her books The Muslim Girl who doesn't stay out late hours The one who is accused of doing that to the towers The Muslim Girl who likes to take walks in the rain The one who got kicked off of the train The Muslim Girl who was born in the U.S.A. The one who's being punished for what happened that day Half the people who just read what I said Still want this Muslim Girl dead
  10. AoA frnds: aap ne wo movie dekhi hai "My name is Khan" us k hawale se aik idea hai My name is khan and i m not a terrorist now idea kuch is tra hai k My name is______ and i m not a _________. examples: 1. my name is Shahabi and i m not a poet.... 2. my name is zardari and i m not a man 3. my name is urva and i m not a boy... --------- Lets start now:
  11. Dining Room Decorations . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  12. urva

    Attendence Time

    w.salam... Present Assalam-o-Alaikum
  13. Helloooz every1

    1. Waqas


      Hello, where were u?

    2. shahabi
  14. urva

    Bridal Wears

    Bridal Wears
  15. urva

    Bridal Wears

    thnkz dear...
  16. urva

    Date Balls..

    shukriya jii passnd krny ka
  17. aap sab ko humry taraf se nae saal ki buhtt buhht mubarkaaa

    1. tanha


      apko be urva

    2. Waqas


      same 2u and where were u urva?

    3. shanirockon


      App ko bhi new year mubarak meri taraf say

  18. urva

    Results Best Poetry Competition

    Congr8 Anabia dear
  19. urva



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