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Found 1 result

  1. In my opinion Pakistan is definitely poorer in education and development than India. While their per capita incomes are not that different, $1,550/person for India and $1,260/person for Pakistan, the economic development, educational resources, and social structure are very different. To some extent India seems like an almost-first-world country of perhaps 200 million, including a significant wealthy elite, a large and stable middle class, and employed working class people. Then there are almost a billion basically destitute people subsisting on a dollar or two a day in vast slums and tiny rural villages. Pakistan, on the other hand, is horribly divided, with a much smaller but very rapidly increasing population of around 187 million people, and a quite small elite of landowners and other very wealthy people, a very small and not growing middle class, a large and precarious working class, including lots of farm workers under the control of the landowners. There is only one giant city, Karachi, with major slums. Pakistan lacks industry and significant educational institutions above the secondary school level. I visited a medical college that reminded me in many ways (age of building, lab equipment, library size) of my elementary school in the US in the fifties. The people I visited, in the upper middle professional class, were all planning their emigration, and have since left.

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