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Hello Admin

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Hello admin

i'm cindrella a member who joined last month

i have a suggestion

in my view if u open a section"members of the month " then it will be more entertaining .

in this section u will choose a member of the month and then we will write wbout him like

1. Display picture

2. Signature

3. What was your first impression when you saw him?

4. Ever chatted with him lively on msn or yahoo Chat? how you find him? talkative? or?

5. His writing style in forum, the way he comments

6. What do you think he might look like?

7. What do you like about him? dislike about him?

i hope it wil come soon



Cindrell@ :biggrin:

Edited by cindrell@

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Cindrella its very good suggestion, we had such voting in past too but those were posted in Guftgu section and later we created CooLYar Awards section which was closed later because members were not participating there properly.

Let me know what should be the section name or i should reopen CooLYar Awards section with old posts?


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