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Its Good But Its Not For Me Now

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I joined this Forum cus It reminds me my previous Forum

I only Like its Chat room cus its as same as me previous chat room and users are also good

But today When I saw a member from my previous Forum in the chat room and unfortunately he is MOD there so I couldn't control myself and started talking to him as we used to talk there but he banned me.

I have no complains

So Bye Bye and Tata CoolYar Forum

Its really a good Forum but I'm so sorry that I could not enjoy its chat room.

So sad na :(

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jab app kise par blame lagain or wo guftagow karain jo tahzeeb kay dairay may nahi ati phr ap ko 3 bar warn bhi kia jaye

lakin app apni guftagow ka moral zara bhi tabdeel na karain tu mujhay majboora band karna para becoz is tarh app chatroom ka mahool kharab karnay ki kushish kar rahay thay

agr next time ap ko yahan ana ho tu pls apna behaviour chang kar kay ayen apnay may manners or aticates paida kar kay ayen ta kay app ki waja say say kise ki izzat nafas majrooh na ho


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PooraPagal You Must Read Chat Rules here http://www.chitchat.pk/rules.php

Last Rule "Chatters who are seen repeatedly attempting to provoke or harrass admins, may be considered in violation of these rules as well"

You can be unbanned anytime on your request, if you ensure you will follow rules.

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