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--> Happy Friendship Day <--

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i Cant Give Solutions To All Of Life's Problem..

But I cAn Listen To U & Together We V'll Search For An Answer,.....

I Cant Keep U'r Feet From Stumblng, I Only Offer My Hand That U mAy Grasp & Not Fall...

I Cant Keep u'r Heart From BeAking Or Hurtng,But I cAn Cry Wid u & Help U Smile Again

I cAnt Promise Ur Happines Always ... But I cAn Only Share Wid U wAt Lyf Offers Me Be Ur Frend Forever

Happy FriendShip Day MAy We Remain Friends Forever..........

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Few Relations in Earth Never Die.Want 2 know What it is? Read again..








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Friendship is not just a word,

Friendship is not at all about spending time,

Friendship is not an expectation,

Unfortunately it cannot be defined,

& that is known as FRIENDSHIP.


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