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Bijli Wale Baba(Must See)

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The Sufi in the video belongs to Saifia chain of spirtual sector. The peer sahib and the followers add "Saifi" to their names. The scene is not a drama, but never the less, it is a frightful experience. I have monitored the gathering many a times at Rawalpindi. Col. (Retired) Sarfraz Saifi a well known heart specialist is a head (Peer) of Aastana Saifia at Tarnol Islamabad. Session starts after Friday prayers and his followers of different age groups including childern and very old aged people get stunned as shown in the video and scene becomes quite frightful. I have shaken hand with all the saints (Peers), but luckily for me, none of them could electrify me. I have visited and attended the session many a times and came to the openion that if you have strong will power, then you can over come these "shocks" and remain in senses.

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how it is possible that he have a power of current?????? :wacko:

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