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S@y S0M3Th!ing @bt P@k!$T@n!

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Assalam-0-alikumm Friend$!!!

~Hope Every1 ll be T!p t0p~

Today iz Our

pkflag.jpg Freedom Day So Lets Celebrate


As The Topic Title Mention Above

Just Say Some Words 4 Our Beloved Pakistan..


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1947 main be Ramzan August main tha

Aur aaj be Ramzan Aug main hay

Farq sirf itna hay k us waqt Qaumm ko aik Mulk ki zarorat thi

Aaj Mulk ko 1 Qaumm ki Zarurat hay..

Just what we need, is to never compromise Our Country, & Religion. Never let any eye to have a bad look on our country.

Be united

May God Bless Our Country!!



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What can i say

i just Miss Pakistan tooooOoOoO much

and i wish i can go back and live there once more

the time i spent in Pak was gr8 fun it was nothing like tht as it is now

i still remember playing outside at even night time

but now its such a time k ppl cant even go out even in daylight n the thing i hate the most

about the government and ppl of Pak is they try to copy goraz why they doing this

am being bit straight forward here we in uk still have shalwar kameez on with dopata or scarf round our

heads but now if u see in Pak it doesnt look like an islamic nation at all

all i would say is Pakistan really need some1 Like Quaid e azam and Iqbal once again

coz no one can guide this country as them adhi tu zardari nay kha di hai poori koi aa kar kha jae ga

so many natural sources but no one knws how to use them at all...............

there is some talent in youth but no jobs or no opportunities to use their talent.............and

sometimes this talent is being used for terrorism . :banghead:

i knw this topic is to say good stuff about our beloved country but i thnk at the moment its more bad

stuff going around ....knw i dun live there but logon mein bhacharay aur qurbani ka emotion nae raha ab

all every1 needs to do is to get together against all evil powers against Pakistan :blush:

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