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Previous World Cup Cricket Final Result

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Previous World Cup Cricket Finals Results, Champions

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*Cricket World Cup 1975 "West Indies"

Venue : Lords, England

Result : West Indies beat Australia.

West Indies won by 17 runs. Scored 291 runs in 60 overs for 8 wickets.

Australia scored 274 in 58.4 overs all out.

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*Cricket World Cup 1979 West Indies"

Venue : Lords, England

Result : West Indies beat England

West Indies won by 92 Runs & scored 286 runs in 60 overs for 9 Wickets

England scored 191 in 50 overs all out.

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*Cricket World Cup 1983 "India "

Venue : Lords, England

Result : India beat West Indies.

India beat West Indies by 43 runs & scored 183 in 54.4 overs all out.

West Indies scored 140 in 52 overs all out.

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*Cricket World Cup 1987 "Australia "

Venue : Calcutta, India.

Result : Australia beat England.

Australia won by 7 runs & scored 253 in 50 overs for 5 Wickets.

England scored 246 in 50 overs for 8 wickets.

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*Cricket World Cup 1992 "Pakistan "

Venue : Melbourne, Australia.

Result : Pakistan beat England.

Pakistan won by 22 runs & scored 249 in 50 overs for 6 wickets.

England scored 227 runs for 49.2 overs all out.

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*Cricket World Cup 1996 "Sri Lanka "

Venue : Lahore Pakistan.

Result : Sri Lanka beat Australia.

Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets & scored 245 in 46.2 overs for 3 wickets.

Australia scored 241 in 50 overs for 7 wickets.

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*Cricket World Cup 1999"Australia "

Venue : Lords, England

Result : Australia beat Pakistan.

Australia won 8 wickets & scored 133 in 20.1 for 2 wickets

Pakistan scored 132 in 39 overs all out.

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*Cricket World Cup 2003" South Africa "

Venue : The Wanderers, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Result : Australia beat India by 125 runs & Scored 359 for 2 wickets.

India scored 234 in 39.2 overs all out.

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