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Courage is what happens when your desire to make positive progress is greater than

your fear of a negative setback. Courage is what happens when you look at those fears,

listen to them, learn from them, use them to prepare, and then move boldly forward.

Courage is how problems are turned into opportunities.

Courage is why some people are able to move the situation forward though

there seems to be no hope.

Courage is when you do what you know is right, even if it is the more difficult

and unpopular choice.

Courage is something that builds new strength each time it is exercised.

Courage is not something that you must obtain or struggle to develop.

Courage is a choice that can be yours the moment you decide to use it.

When the goal is worthy and filled with meaning,

the courage to reach it will be there.

When your sense of purpose is strong and clear, your courage will be too.

Courage is indeed a powerful way to live. And you can choose it every time.


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