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Cheaper iPhone 4 Coming Within Weeks [REPORT]

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A cheaper version of iPhone 4, sporting only 8 GBs of memory, is slated to hit the market within several weeks, Reuters reports citing two unnamed industry sources.

Currently, the iPhone 4 is available with either 16 or 32 GBs of storage space.

Although details are scarce, this report seems to be different from rumors claiming Apple is planning to release a significantly cheaper and pared down version of the iPhone. Reuters’ sources, which are tied to Korean manufacturers which produce parts for the iPhone, only mention the reduced storage memory in an otherwise standard iPhone 4, which will reduce the device’s price but is unlikely to provide for a drastic price cut.

Reuters also claims that the next generation iPhone will be launched at the end of September.

The launch date of iPhone 5 has been juggled with more than ever in the device’s history. We’ve seen rumors flying back and forth, some pinning the release date to the beginning of October, and the others claiming Apple will launch it in late September. This latest report tips the scale to the latter variant, but we wouldn’t call it a safe bet.

[via Reuters]

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