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Some Unknown Facts About Love

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salam evry 1

hum hamesha love ke bare mein baat karte hain,kabhi socha hai muhabat mein jitni achi baatein hain utni hi buri bhi hain

mein chahun gi aap sab kuch aisa batain jo alag ho

kuch aisa share karen jo sab ke liye naya ho

start mein karti hoon umeed hai aap sab zaroor sath denge

:crying:We know TAJ MAHAL as the symbol of love.. but the other lesser known facts : 1) Mumtaz was shahjahan's 4th wife out of his 7 wives. 2) Shahjahan killed mumtaz's husband to marry her. 3) Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery. 4) He then married mumtaz's sister. Question arises.. Where the Hell Is LOVE ??

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lol ................. i never knew tht .....

but i knw one thing for a fact love is nothing

yeh taaj mehal wagaira kuch bi nae awaain martay hain k muhabbat thi 2nd shadi ku ki agar thi muhabbat :angry:

aaj kal log aik time par 2 true love kar rae hotay hain :p hahahhaha its kinda funny

people jobs karo honest u wnt find time for this ullo type love wagira kuch bi nae time zaya nae karo

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Sweety!!.... it's still there, that's an't got any logic, that a guy who meet with his 50th "girl friend" yeah, sweet word like a suger or more i guess, lol!!..... ohhh let me on the way!.. So wont say, he still dont have love for her, No, This love is like a rain, make you wet all over, and when love hit's noon can do nothing!!!.... you dont wanted to fall in......BUT.. you can not find you're self get ride of it, pull you're self how much you wish to and the more you will feel you're self attract toward's it, nothing can help you, if that bloody love hit's in you're tiny mind!!.... be aware and you can't find him gulty to say!.... he dont love the woman for whom he make this white thing, CALL Taj mehal or what ever!!........

Hope answer the Question!..... sweet dreams!!!......

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Lol .. Itni dafa love ke topic ko dekh kar menay socha ajj hum bhi thora philosphical banky dekhain :p

First of all u said kuch Naya ho.. Well naya likhnay se love ki actual matlab to nahin badal jaega.

First of all wht is love .. Whts the purpose of love .. I think simply the defintion of love has been changed ..

Now it's all about wanting things when we love we want tht person to love us bck .. When our mom or dad loves us do they love us cuz we love them bck .. Do they wish all the happiness cuz we wish all the same for them .. We do or we don't .. They always will love us right .. They always will give or try to give more right ... So why not the same for all kind of love .. How can one consider themselves to be worthy of love .. How can one say they should be loved by someone let alone the person they love ..

My belive is love is all about giving.. If u really love someone then u will always wish the best for tht person and act accordingly .. No matter how badly they treat u no matter wht they think of u .. Love is simply about giving .. Now everyone will say these r good words but no one follows .. Does it really matter if everyone else follow it .. U follow it why we care about wht other person does.. Sure u need to follow the rules of this nasty world in order to live in this world .. But whts right is right .. Everyone knws whts right but we r ignorant we r more intrested in how other ppl treat us rather then how we treat other person .. Yes this is hard it sounds impossible :p.. But still so sach hy woh sach aur sahi hay woh sahi hy .. Beshak sari duniya kehday ke sach kuch aur hay ..

Well my moto is u give more u expect less .. Ull live a happy life :).. I'll rephrase tht actually .. It shoud be u should try to give more u try to expect less and ull defenitly live a happy live .. Cuz this is reaally not an easy thing .. By the way love exist .. We r just ignorant toward it :)..

And u r example is very specified why we follow wht the world teach us who cares about taj mehal or the media or the history of love .. Belive and follow wht is right follow ur own principles.. Human r the best of creation .. And they have wht no one has .. FREE WILL :)..

well in the end I'll state another fact .. 90% of guys r kaminay hahaha .. Yes tht includes me as well :p yes im a guy dnt follow my nick hahaha .. But in general I say a person knw themself how good they r or how bad they r :).. Who m I to judge anyone :)..

Also a man has the authority/power to make everything right and wrong :).. So I blame ourself for everything :) tht means GUYS lol ... But another fact is tht girls r in general r stupid haha yes I said it :p

well tht was the 2 cent tht I wanted to share :)

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sobe, i would tend to agree on the give and take thing. i would deduce love as the overlapping common overlapping ground between the aura of two or more people. but then there are certain forms of love which defy logic, eg parental love. maybe its coz a mother carries her child within. its miraculous to find a mother hating her child , whilst it wont be uncommon for a father to hate is children.

the other forms of love, the love that we come to from the works of poets, literature........ a product of purposeless poets that has continued to derange our minds.

this form of love is built into us.......its infact the most refined form of lust, this inturn has been built into us to ensure the propagation of human race. had it not been for this, the possibility of a man and woman living together would have been almost zero.

so, what we feel as love, well , infact stimulated by the hormones withing us. any of us in the medical profession would surely have enough technical facts to qualify this statement.

and there is lots more, at the moment i feel i have just lifted the curtain slightly....

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mein tu sirf yahi kahogi

kaisa ye isq hai ai ai… ajab sa risk hai..

musqilon mein ye daale

jo bhi chahe kara le

badle ye dilo’n ke faisle

mann ka mauji isq to ji

albeli si raho’n pe le chale

kaisa ye isq hai ai ai… ajab sa risk hai.

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as i said b4 love is same its us ppl who are new to this love ....... i think we have got so much on our lil brains tht we have forgotten

how to love or to be loved ........ so love is nothing anymore aam sa hai ab pehlay kabi hota tha i think acha wala love ab tu bas its more like a time pass

.............and this think tht we shudnt ask in return lol ..........if someone loves the person comeon aisi ya galti kr di uus baicharay banday nay

he she shudnt ask in return for love ............mtlab haan bhai yeh tumhari galti hai ab bughtoo iss o i think we are human beings and we are greedy

we do want attention and care in return Allah has given us emotions and feelings ........ and they are thr for a reason .........lol dnt say now oh rainbow u bieliev in love

n ala bala ..... i do belive in love but ppl thz days have ruined the actuall meaning of it ......... lolz it needs gud dusting so it can become clean again .....:p

aur yeh kaho k return main mat mango .......jo jo yeh keh ra hai hai na return mein bs kuch umeed nae aro wait till u get ignored by ur loved ones

then u might realise as it is in human nature to be greedy and keep asking for more more more and more ............hope i make sense :wink:

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I will just say....HZARO KHWAHISHEIN AESI K HR KGWAHISH PY DAMM NIKLY...bht nikly mery armaan phir b kam nikly...

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