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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Halloween

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1. Make A Zombie

Make A Zombie.JPG

Zombies usually get a bad rap for being downright creepy, but the zombies in this app are quite the opposite. You can still create ones with exposed brains and knives in their skulls, but they somehow still manage to be huggable and cute.

Either way, this app is a great way to flex those creative zombie muscles. Plus you can share your masterpieces with your social networks too.

Cost: FREE

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The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the pumpkins are piling up. Halloween is right around the corner. While the little ones are busy planning their costumes, mapping out their trick-or-treat routes and dreaming of piles of candy, there’s no reason why our connected generations can’t have fun on Oct. 31 as well.

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Trick or treating may end at your teenage years, but there are still lots of ways to celebrate the holiday. The following 10 iPhone apps are a great way to get you into the Halloween spirit. Boo!

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