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Man Hysterically Fails at Explaining Klout to His Boss [VIDEO]

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Each day, Mashable highlights one noteworthy YouTube video. Check out all our viral video picks.

In this 3D animation, a man amusingly describes Klout to his boss during a performance review.

The overly excited employee mentions “free stuff” (a.k.a. Klout Perks) and explains how he’s influential about social media, popcorn and Justin Bieber, who has the highest Klout score in the world.

Today in Klout news, many users of the service — which calculates users’ online influence on 12 social networks — noticed their scores drastically drop on both their personal and company Klout profiles. The San Francisco-based startup implemented a new scoring model Tuesday, which immediately frustrated some users and spawned an @OccupyKlout Twitter account.

We envision some of those users’ discussions with co-workers and friends about Klout’s changes to be as funny as the above video.

At one point in the short clip, the boss says, “Wow, I am giving you a raise,” to which the man replies, “Really?”

“No, I was being sarcastic,” the boss says.

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The video was created on animation-making platform Xtranormal.

How do you describe Klout to co-workers and friends? Have you had difficulties summing up what it does and why you use it?

BONUS: What Klout’s New Topic Pages Look Like

Klout released new feature in September that lets users gain insights on top content influencers as well as users who have received the most +Ks for respective topics.

To populate a user’s Topic Pages (see screenshots below), Klout analyzes the user’s content created across the 12 networks it calculates.

Clickable Topics on Your Dashboard


On your Klout dashboard, you can click on a topic to open its Topic Page.

Click here to view this gallery.

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