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Vanilla Glazed Donuts

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3/4 cup Milk

2 Eggs

3 ounces Unsalted butter

3 ounces Fine sugar

3¼ cup Flour

1/2 tsp Vanilla essence

1/4 tsp Salt

2 1/2 tsp Instant yeast

for Vanilla Glaze

2 1/2 cup Icing sugar

1/2 tsp Vanilla essence.

5 tbsp Hot water

6 tbsp Unsalted butter.


In a sauce pan combined ¾ cup milk

and 3 ounces butter, heat until butter melted, remove from heat, in a mixing

bowl combine 2 ½ cup flour, 3 ounces sugar, ½ tsp salt and 2 ½ tsp yeast, beat

on low speed to mix, add the hot milk mixture, raise the speed to medium and

beat until well blended, add 2 eggs and ½ tsp vanilla essence, beat for 2

minutes until mixed, add remaining ¾ cup flour and beat for 1 minute until the

dough is smooth. Remove, place dough in a greased bowl, leave to rise in a warm

place until double about 45 minutes, roll the dough into a circle, cut with

round doughnut cutter, transfer the donut and holes to the greased sheet, cover

the donut with a clean towel and rise till puffy until 30 minutes. Deep fry donuts

2 to 3 at a time until golden, turn and cook the other side, when the doughnuts

are still warm dip all the sides in vanilla glaze, place on a wire rack until

the glaze set.


Vanilla Glaze

In a bowl whisk together 6 tbsp melted butter, 2 ½ cup icing

sugar, ½ tsp vanilla essence and 5 tbsp

hot water until smooth, add 1 tbsp hot water or more if required, the glaze

should be thin, use immediately.

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