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Ramadan Planing...

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how to complete QURA'AN in RAMADAN...??

QURA'AN has 600 pages approximately... if u divide them on 30 days... that z 20 pages per day...

it seems difficult to do...right??

but if u recite 4 pages after each salah... u have completed tha QURA'AN...

and if u want to complete the QURA'AN u have to recite 4 pages before and after each salah...

it gets even better , bcz u would get the reward for them finding it easier to com ...

stay blessed...JAZAKALLAH

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ROZO Se Jism Me

Agr Pani Ki Kami Mehsoos Ho, Ya Kidney Problem Ki Waja Se Roza na Rakh Pao To

Sehri Kr K 2 Khajoor Kha Kr 2 Glass Pani Pi Len. Is Se Pura Din Aftari Tak Pyas Nehi Lagy Gi. Or Aram Se Hr Roza Guzry Ga

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