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Qibla Finder - Find Direction

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Qibla Finder - find direction. Get the most accurate Qibla direction with Qibla Compass for Namaz.The direction Qibla helps you to find the direction of Mecca with ease and access. The Qibla compass for namaz gives you the most accurate Kaba direction. The Qibla direction finder offers the highest function that really helps the Muslim.

The Qibla compass is accessible from anywhere in the world. It gives you the freedom to find Mecca from all over the world. This means that it does not matter which area you are looking for in the Kibla direction.  

Obviously, the Qibla is obviously the most important to offer Namaz or prayer. The Namaz is no longer correcting, your Kibla direction is not correct. For the perfect offer of Payer or Namaz you should pay attention to exact Qibla direction or Kabah direction. In addition, it sometimes happens that you visit an unknown location or a foreign area. In this situation, you cannot find the Qibla direction because you are new to the area or place. The Qibla compass is the best solution in the above problems. Get the Qibla direction from around the world easily and quickly. Now give your prayer or Namaz perfect, check your Qibla direction and find the Kaba direction.

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Screenshot (2).png


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